Life’s Jems

“Jem” Is how Michiel and I have referred to our relationship since we started dating.
A good friend ( yes you Zoe 😉 came up with the phrase.
J stands for Jessica, E stands for ‘and’ in Dutch which is spelt ‘en’ and soo surprisingly M stands for Michiel.
A literal gem, is found after much work and exploration.
A precious stone but hidden under a rough exterior at times.
OUR Jem may not be spelt the same but I want it to represent something fitting to our life.
Jem: Definition – Life’s precious and rough moments. Discovered on a day to day basis, possibly in the smallest or most unexpected places.

Ex. “smelling the exquisite aroma of freshly brewed coffee which  Michiel made for me was the jem moment of my morning.”
(That example has actually happened btw 😉
During my time writing here, I want to try to include a “Jem” moment whenever I post.
The jem moment for today, Michiel setting this up for me 🙂
And so ends my first ‘post.’
(45 days since Mikes been gone and 45 days until the wedding )

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