October 9th 2015.

Our wedding day.

It came upon us quickly and in a whirlwind of preparations and planning.
Though it had been 100 days of wedding thoughts, the day felt strangely, normal.
A very happy kind of wonderful normal, but after that much thinking and over-thinking, perhaps one expects it to feel very Disney/life changing/real as soon as THAT day is finally TODAY.

“Jess pauses to think what really needs to be wrote, sipping her bloody marry thoughtfully on the freezing cold plane that’s taking her to her
(and of course her hubby´s) honeymoon destination.”

Back to wedding..

I am so grateful for ALL the work, thought and time so many people put into making OUR day amazing for us.
It met all of my expectations and beyond.
I couldn’t have dreamed of it turning out any better than it did.
To those of you reading this who also helped savage amounts, or helped in what you consider hardly help at all, I thank you..
You know who you are and what you did 😉

Decoration day started at 6:30 a.m. and ended around 9:30 p.m… not counting the drive home and all the loading of vehicles day before.

Months of preparations unfolding within in a couple of hours.

Our brains could finally stop hurting in a couple hours too;)

Tears were there both days and they were fully expected,understood and shared…But im still rather happy that im not normally an overly emotional human.
Tears suck.

A happy note, my appetite stayed fully in tact 😉

“Starts thinking about how good that days french toast breakfast would be at this moment..”

The burgers and salads were delicious and thoroughly enjoyed.
Thank you for making Bob pack a snack for the hours between ceremony/reception Mom.
Thank you Dad for preparing the snack.. it was appreciatively devoured.
(No worries we didn’t spill anything in the new ride ;p )

Reception time spent with friends and family.
Speeches, songs, a game ( that I won just in case you missed that result ;p )
Videos from Mikes friends and family back home.
Guests from far and near…
It all came together and I can honestly say that for Mike and I, it was a perfect day. ❤

  Photography credits: Stephanie Steiner

For those of you who couldn’t be there.. (or if you were there and simply didn’t pay close enough attention 😉 ) here is the unedited, video version of the ceremony: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=THtPVA_053M

5 thoughts on “#Jem4ever

  1. It was a lovely day! I wish that when you look back on this day you will remember the first day of your marriage as the day you loved each other the least, as you fall deeper and deeper in love!


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