Villa Katino

October 13th.

Sun streaming through the shutters and the songs of tropical birds woke us up around 6:30.

Michiel got up to open the balcony doors.
A bedroom view we could only dream of, was before our eyes.

Got out of bed and straight to the kitchen.. naturally 😛
I made scrambled eggs and got the coffee brewing as Mike fried up some bacon.

The open air kitchen is fun for a vacation house.. but I couldn’t handle it ALL the time.Humidity means everything goes in the fridge or gets sealed up tight.

Gecko poop scattered about and last nights rain resting on the counters.

After breakfast was eaten, supper preparations began!
Burgers mixed and frozen, potatoes boiled and sliced.
Kitchen cleanup and then Tino arrived to tell us about beaches and sites near by.

Once we had an idea of what was around us, we contemplated our plan for the day during a morning dip in the pool.
We decided to head out for lunch, find some beaches and get more groceries.
We ate at the bakery in Santa Teresa.
A Philly cheese steak sandwich, pineapple mango smoothie and frappuccino were all thoroughly enjoyed.
From there we walked along the street to check out some of the stores that were still open, lots of them (and the restaurants) are closed due to it being low/rainy season.

Beach number one was found.
The sound of waves crashing down constantly, smells of salty ocean air and the hot sand stretching out beneath your feet.
It all welcomes you with open arms to go and explore.

Our villa is actually located on the mountain to the right of me.
This beach is the first of three that can be seen in the balcony picture above.
Once Mike thought id done enough shell picking for the first beach we came upon, we headed back to the car.

Driving further along the road I got a tad grouchy.. the terrible road was throwing me all over the car ( I have bruises on my back from the constant bouncing.)
And I had thistles stuck in my skirt because I had went into the ditch to pick a flower 😛

We did find the second beach and as small as it was, it had its own vast but splendid differences from the previous one.
It had no shells.
A cliff side jutting down and blocking all view on the left, rather than ocean stretching out as far as the eye can see.

Trees surrounding its entrance, give it more of a jungle feel.

From there we just drove along exploring.

Stopped at a few more stores and got Mike some sandals since he didn’t appreciate walking in ocean drenched shoes, as well as more groceries to take to the villa.

Nutella and chocolate are expensive here, Mikes coping 😛

Once we were back atop our mountain the sun was setting.
It starts to get dark by 5:30.. Fully dark by 6.
Which means the little area lights go on and the moths come out.
I hate moths.

But anyways, Mike barbecued burgers and I fried some potatoes.Supper was eaten as we watched the sun fade away.

Started the jacuzzi so it could heat up… Tino designed the whole place himself so he said it has a few quirks.. like the jacuzzi taking almost two hours to heat 😛
So we sorted out the shells we had found while drinking some coffee 🙂

That about summed up our day!
Up early and to bed early.. had to get enough sleep for the next days adventures 🙂

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