Secret Beach.. no longer a secret

October 16th.

I awoke before Michiel again.
Got up and straightened up the kitchen, dusted gecko crap off the couches, got the coffee started.. just the usual routine 😛
Poured myself a bowl of cereal and started typing out the past days events.
Mike came out of the room about an hour later and got himself some yogurt and cereal and sat down to help me remember the yesterdays happenings that needed to be included for you all.

My head was starting to feel little achy and sneezing began.. I figured it was normal allergies because of all the different plants here etc.

To the pool to cool off our sunburns.. its a love hate relationship having a pool really.
You get hot, go in, get cold, go out.
Just dry off and get then get hot again and so goes the cycle.
Im perfectly fine with dealing with the harsh reality of pool life though, no worries, I know how to be happy with what one has 😉

Mike brought me a drink and told me I had to drink it all before we went anywhere or he’d call mom and dad.. (I have issues drinking enough liquids for being in a hot place)
I told him they’d only say “she’s your problem now ” 😛

About the time we decided to actually go anywhere, the rain started coming in, so instead Mike decided to start lunch.
A classic problem solver for any situation 😉

As the burgers were on the grill it was just more of the same, pool time.
Actually ate in the pool as well, but who could blame us when its 30 some degrees out and no breeze.

Mike decided our flower bouquet needed refreshing (Tino had one in the kitchen upon our arrival ) so he grabbed a knife and off into the jungle we went!
Ok so really it wasn’t into the jungle at all.. just the area right along our villa and driveway ;P  


But one doesn’t need to go far here to find the awesome flowers the jungle boasts of!

Finally we got ourselves together and headed off to the harbour to see if they had any fish.
They didn’t.
The beach by the harbour had some interesting rocks formed by the waves. 

A wave would come and go and leave behind tons of crabs crawling along the rocks sides and the dry areas were covered in small snails.. 


I’m sure I stepped on and killed many.. sorry snails 😦
We then went to find “Secret Beach”… Tino tells the Villas residents to check it out.
We weren’t totally sure where it was at first.. and it felt kind of dumb to ask where the secret beach was.. like “duh I can’t tell you its secret ya nimrod.”
No we didn’t get that response but I feel like its what Id say to someone if they asked me that ;P
We did find it.. its actually part of a national park and its tucked away and very jungly and pretty. 

It says no shells or rocks can be taken.. Oops.. how’d that chunk of coral stick to my sandal without me even noticing?!
I played in the water and shell searched while Mike played with the little crabs on the beach.

Found a vine sturdy enough to climb!  


Tarzan, you definitely make it look easy 😛

My head was feeling worse so we headed to town to get some meds in town.
We asked for allergy stuff and the Spanish guy said something to his friend and laughed and then handed us a box of meds so we didn’t totally trust him 😛
Instead we went and got ice cream.

At the villa we lounged around and then started supper while it was light still.
Mike started the barbecue to try some marinaded pork we had got and I fried up some bacon to go along with it.
The last of our cheese bread got toasted and the potatoes were then fried in the remaining bacon grease.
Ice water with lime ( can’t find lemons anywhere here) and some mamachinos cut up were the finishing touches of the meal. 

The pork was pretty good, we had a jalapeño and garlic sauce left over from our Tacos and that went well with the meat 🙂

Tino actually went and got me some meds since Mike had asked him if he happened to have any.
Thirteen dollars for three pills!

Supper dishes all cleaned up, as we learnt our lesson about leaving out dirty ones the first time 😉

Pool felt good but to cold for once with how my head hurting.

Mike decided it was time to email United about our troubles getting here, I laid on the couch sleeping on and off while he did that.

The rain started around 7p.m. and only got worse throughout the night.
Letting up around 5 or 6 in the morning.

The pattern of sleep/ wake up is different here.
It starts to descend into evening by 5 p.m and is fully dark by 6 p.m.
Light starts filling the room, as well as bird song and other critters talking by 5:30.
Which means early to bed and early to rise.
But with the light ( Or lack thereof ) it feels normal.

I moved into the room and tried to get comfy, you know your sick when your cold in bed and its a muggy Costa Rican night.
It got super windy so Mike went to check our clothes that had been drying on the stair rails, moving them so they didn’t get lost in the jungle 😛

Jem moment: Finding a climbable vine ;P

P.S. Mel Gibson has a vacation home here that can be seen from our look out.
The house lights came on the other night and Tino said the chopper came while we were out in town.
So maybe Mel is around.. or just his cleaners who probably have to come like a month ahead to prep the place for him, but we can pretend 😉

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Hello humans 😊 This is where you learn about me I suppose, though anyone reading this right now most likely knows all the boring details ;) I am Jessica Rose Peters-Hagenouw. (Always thought I'd be able to pronounce my married name but hey, life doesn't go as we plan.) June 11, 1995, tis the day Robert and Bonnie Peters received the most adorable, amazing, wonderful, surprise 3rd child they could have dreamed of. Speaking of being the third child, I have an older brother and an older sister. Both of whom are married and have wee little families of their own, making 'Aunty Jess' another name I go by. I grew up and have lived all of my years up till November 2015 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Making summers that are extremely short and winters that never end, vast open spaces, northern lights, unthinkable amounts of mosquitoes, lakes, forests and people waving to you on the grid road all different things that mean = Home. But Home is not where I'll be for some time. My husband is a Dutchman, living in Europe. Therefore I too have been living in Europe for the last few months. The reason I started this little blog/journal/writing thing, is to document a bit of my "whole new world," for those at home who wont be awake at 3:00 am wanting to hear about how I couldn't find flour at the grocery store. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into my little life 😊

3 thoughts on “Secret Beach.. no longer a secret”

  1. Looks beautiful! Did I tell you Mel Gibson is one of my favourite actors, just sayin😀
    How’s your finger?
    Love the updates on your adventures and the pictures are stunning😍


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