Soaking Up The Sun

October 18th

The most sunless weather we have had yet was our greeting this morning.
It didn’t rain last night but the morning was cloudy and windy.
I made some scrambled eggs while Mike barbecued the bacon and some cheese bread.
I also prepared a small yogurt bowl with cereal for two and fried up another cinnamon and brown sugar-coated plantain. 

We needed to eat as much of our food as possible since we leave tomorrow.
That wasn’t a problem 😉

It was a day of leisure, spent poolside and eating.
Our last day to soak up all the villa has to offer and enjoy it to the utmost.

The clouds may have blocked the sun but not the effects of the sun.
The day had a UV index of 11 and the 32 degrees felt like 37..according to our sources. 

Mike burnt his back fairly bad.. That’s what he gets for sunbathing while I made us lunch ;p

Chicken dipped in egg, Italian dressing and mayo.. and dipped again in Ritz cracker crumbs before being fried was the main lunch course.
Seasoned potatoes, fried for the second time always taste better.. and cheese bread seems to accompany all the meals here. 

Iced coffees for the beverage and lunch was prepared.

Had to sort out the shells we had found and decrease the “bring home” pile a bit. 

More pool and sun.. also some jacuzzi.
Can’t seem to get enough.
If only it could be bottled up for later :p

The sunset wasn’t totally blocked by clouds so it was nice to enjoy it while it faded.  

As it did, the rains came.
You could see it coming towards the villa over the ocean and then suddenly upon us and pouring down. 

Thankfully it’s passed almost as quickly as it came and it was just a slight rain throughout the night.


Packed as much as I could in the dimly lit room and planned to finish in the morning. Winds picked up and we gathered some snacks and drinks and retreated to the room to watch a movie.Almost didn’t want to go to sleep knowing we would wake up and have to leave… but not much of a view to enjoy in the dark either 😛

Jem moment: Simply being able to be together and enjoy what we were blesse to be able to experience.

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