Farewell Costa Rica

October 19th.

Above photo creds and design: Mike

A breakfast of leftovers waited for us.
Cereal, a little milk, a little yogurt, cheese bread, coffee, one plantain.. A clean up of the fridge into our stomachs.
Sounds grosser then I mean that :p

To the pool for the last swims!
To the chairs for the last rays!

Packing up our things and downloading a movie for the plane.
Taking some final photos via a quickly downloaded timer app. 

Tino came up for goodbyes and that was that..

Farewell little Villa Katino.. It was an honour 🙂 

Leaving Malpais we got another Wake Up Call smoothie and frappuccino For the road.
In Cobano we stopped for another jalapeño cheese bun thing but they didn’t have any 😦
So Mike got me a coconut cake instead, it was good and appreciated, but when you want spicy cheese stuff.. cake just isn’t the same.

Mike stopped at a beach along the way to the ferry, it was a darker colored one and muddy more than sandy. 

Once aboard the ferry the sweltering heat was so much more apparent than poolside.
Moved to the railing to catch some breeze and we got to watch some Pelicans diving for fish.
Another hour-long boat ride to the mainland.

We got grilled pork kabobs with tortillas from a street vender once we were across. 

They were pretty tasty!

Then the drive to San Jose area began..
We took the mountain road which is a little longer but some better /more interesting views. 

Not that I’d know since I once again slept :p
The driving in Costa Rica is interesting enough to maneuver during daylight.. (No sign of road rules / overturned semi on a sharp turn bordering a cliff side)  


Nighttime and it’s a whole other story of its own.
No street lights, just the lights of the traffic jammed people around and rain reflecting off it all.
We got a little lost.
But then Taco Bell got us wi-fi and a GPS was back in play.
We took the car back to Budget and waited for our hotel shuttle.

We got to Terra Golf Boutique Hotel
And Cecilia welcomed us with warm hugs.
She’s the owner.. Obviously.
Checked out our room and she had a sign on the door reading, “every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite.” 

Once in the room she had sparkling cider waiting for us and said she was sorry because usually she makes honeymooners a heart cake but we didn’t give her enough notice.
She was super nice 🙂

We walked to an Italian restaurant nearby and sat down for our first real restaurant meal.Mike got the filet mignon and I ordered a gnocchi in tomato cheese sauce.

Both were very good.

Back to the hotel to rest up before leaving for Arizona the next day!

Villa Katino.. You were loved and you will be missed and thought of fondly😘

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