First Day In Az.

October 21st.

Rise and shine coffee needs to be brewed!

I am used to the early mornings from Costa Rica I suppose because I was up by 7:30.
I got up and went into the living room to see Al sitting in the corner watching a movie.
I said something like “Hiiiii how are you Al ??”
Al, “Watching a movie.”
Al, “Wheres Mike?”
Jess… “ Glad you’re so happy to see me .” 😛

Pro joined us and not long after Brynlee.
She’s such a chubster.
Brynlee, not Pro 😉

Mike came out of the room too and he and the girls watched “Octonauts.” 

I don’t know what it is about guys and kids cartoon shows, how can they get so absorbed in a kids show..? 😛

We drank our coffee and discussed plans for the day and the following days.
Pro made us waffles 🙂 

We then unpacked and settled in a bit before getting ready for town.

Pro had errands and then we had the pleasure of getting Mike his first In-N-Out burger! 

After Yellow Leaf coffees had been ordered and enjoyed 😉

TJ Max was visited and then back to the house.

We all wanted naps.. only Mike got one.

Supper was chicken enchiladas and I enjoyed it, too much.. Good thing I got a cozy hoodie today to hide the stomach I could no longer hold in after four helpings 😛

Off to Wednesday night church service.

Back at Josh and Pros we visited and had some interesting discussions about life, travel, money and marriage etc. 😛

2 thoughts on “First Day In Az.

  1. The two meals pictured make me jealous. I also see how much farther I’d have to run. The enchiladas are ok but I wouldn’t need four servings😜


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