Pj’s All Day, Everyday

October 23rd.

Michiel and Joshua got up around 2:30 a.m. to get ready and leave for the hunting spot by 3:00.

He hasn’t learnt how to be silent when he leaves yet.
All normal things yes.. but done at nighttime the volume and rapid movements should have been drastically decreased. 😛
He’ll learn I’m sure.
I hope :p

Girls PJ day was ahead of us 🙂
We got up, had our coffee, relaxed and chatted.
Pro had to go pick up Gramma Darlene to surprise Dayna for her birthday so I just stayed with the girls for a bit.
Once she was back ( she said the surprise worked 😉 ) she started making coconut pancakes from a mix we had seen and not been able to resist at world market.
Coconut pancakes, coconut syrup and toasted coconut on top all with a light layer of butter goes down pretty easy 😉  

Very tasty and filling, good job Pro 😉

Gracie came over to play with Alaina so that meant she didn’t need entertaining.

We really just lounged around being comfy, watching movies, talking and eating.
Also traded back rubs.
I love lazy girl days 🙂

For lunch we prepared some of the delectable tomato-basil open face sandwiches we so enjoy. 

We love them.. but we have them so often we will probably soon overdose and start to dislike them.
I hope that day never comes though 😛

Gracie went home and us four girls just continued the hanging out pattern.
Pro did do some laundry so she was much more productive than me 😉

Planned on a town day tomorrow and Mendy said she would take Al and Bryn for us so that’ll be nice 🙂

Looked online at a photo site Pro uses and decided I should try to take advantage of their sale and make a Costa Rica honeymoon book.
Looking through/choosing photos is such a long process though, I’m not sure i’lll be motivated enough while I’m with family to get it done.

We decided on Chinese for supper so Pro ordered and had to go pick it up. 

It was, as all our other meals from the day, enjoyed greatly.
One last show and traded foot rubs to finish off the evening.

The boys tried calling but the service was pretty bad.
I think Mike is surviving, he said he got two naps, one on a nice rock bed 😛
They had a supper of ribs and steaks so they get just as spoiled out hunting as we do back at home 😉

We are getting the feathers in our hair tomorrow and we decided around 11:00 p.m. or so that our hair was probably to greasy for a stranger to touch so a shower was no longer possible to ignore 😛

After that it was indeed time to get the required beauty sleep for the next days outing 😉

One thought on “Pj’s All Day, Everyday

  1. I don’t want you to worry, but after 8 years of marriage….Erwin didn’t learn to get silent out of bed😜
    But you have to tell me your secret if Michiel learned it yet…😅✌️
    Big hug


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