Sister Saturday 

October 24th.

First night without Michiel..

I slept great😋

Got up and poured some coffee for Pro and I.. Her coffee had a piece of gold glitter in it, it was a coffee favour left over from my wedding.
So either the glitter was from that or just from her house as she has a bit of glittered things herself 😉
“Leave a little sparkle wherever you go” is one saying we could say we truly do apply to our lives, even if it is by accident ☺️

Got ourselves ready to window shop (with our wallets ready 😜 )
Took Al and Bryn to Mendy’s so we could have a kid-less sister day.
We also got Alanna to take a Polaroid picture of us, it seems like such a memory saver to take it Polaroid style.. Plus it made our hair look amazing 😏

After dropping the girls off we went to the humane society to check out the cat selection.
Quazzi (the cat they already have) is not nice to Al and Pro doesn’t trust it around Bryn.
Didn’t find any there or at the next place but that was how it was supposed to be, as we would find out that evening… “suspenseful music about the cat ” 😜

We headed to downtown Prescott to check out some of the boutique shops and get feathers in our hair.
But first we had to eat, I’d never been to “Shannon’s cheesecake” so we went there.
We shared a grilled chicken wrap with buffalo sauce, avocado, pickles and something else I can’t remember but it all tasted dandy 😊

Turtle cheesecake finished off the lunch date, it was pretty delectable too.

Perused some shops on our way to the feather place.
Got those picked and put in..  

 It really is ridiculous was makes girls feel good but oh well, at least we realize it 😋
We didn’t buy anything other than those.
But it was a fun day, greatly enjoyed.

Between pea brains, trees dropping their leaves and our delicate, graceful movements we really are rather entertaining 😏

The boys were headed back from hunting and we were ready to head back from shopping.  

Seen this beauty during our walking about 😍

Got the girls, got some yellow leafs (two so the boys could have some too) and home we went.

The boys had their own yellow leafs 😏 turds.
Micah Jr. got a buck , they hiked a fair bit, glassed and napped and had a good time from what I gathered.
Supposedly they want Mike to come back so he can barbecue ribs again 😜

Pro happened to look online for kittens.. And found some 😁
After conversing with Josh and the kitten owner, she and Josh headed out to bring home a new pet.
Mike and I stayed with the girls.
On the drive home with their kitten, someone already contacted them saying they wanted Quazzi.
So, a new kitten was dropped off and an old kitten was taken away.. An exciting but slightly sad evening.
Al doesn’t know Quazzi is gone 😬

Everyone ate their own creations for supper.
Vinegar popcorn for me, toast for Mike, cereal for Pro, popcorn twist things for Al.
Not sure what Josh ate.
I then ate leftover Chinese food too.
It was like a buffet!
Without much selection or quantity 😜

Mikes turn to not feel super, I doctored him up some kinda vitamin drink he hated and drugged him with sleep meds.
Getting him back for all the liquids he forced on me during the honeymoon😏

Though he never gave me sleep meds.. Unfortunately😜

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2 thoughts on “Sister Saturday ”

  1. So nice to have a sister!
    In Holland your sisters in law are waiting for you 😉

    Perhaps a good idea to arrange a sisters in law-day, without kids!


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