Kinda Crafty Day

October 26th.

Normal morning routine.

The cats name may be Italy but not sure if its stuck yet.

Pro made us some tasty smoothies.

Mike was bored fairly early in the day so Pro called Josh to see if he could hang out with the guys at work.
For his sake and ours its good he was allowed to go and get out of the house for a while 😜

Brought out some of the shells I had found from Costa Rica and it inspired Pro to bring out her shells from Kauai.
She had tried making a shell thingy like I had with my shells but lacked the knotting technique I suppose, so I made her one out of the kindness of my heart 😉

Well I worked on that, she began her little bitty canvas paintings for her Poppy Lime Designs Instagram Store 😊

Link to see what she created here : Poppy•Lime•Design

Mike came home and with him was Josh.
He had been convinced by the boys to take off early and go quail hunting with Mike.
They got their licenses and off they went.
I was asleep when they got back but I’m pretty sure they got three and Mike shot two of them.
Pro said the meat looks like chicken nugget sized pieces 😋

My throat had once again begun hurting.
I never totally got over whatever I had in Costa Rica and then Mikes little illness and all the travel / people / being bus, isn’t agreeing with me I guess.
Hopefully I become slightly more immune to that.
So the rest of my day was pretty much sleeping on and off on the couch.

Pro made some nummy pizza for supper.
Thankfully I was able to still enjoy it.

Mike had been invited to play soccer with the Dubsky boys and some others so around 7:30 he headed out and around 11:30 I headed to bed.

He got back around 1:00 a.m. and either I was really tired or he has improved his silent skills 😏

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