Final Hours In Az.

October 27th.

Sick day.
Kind of.

Felt pretty rough upon waking up, took some meds that were nighttime so I pretty much woke up and then took a nap within 30 min.
Not a bad lifestyle I must admit.😏

Al had school.
So once I awoke and felt a bit better, I got ready to go to town with Pro, Bryn and my hubby to pick up Al.
Then conquer last-minute errand running.

Hit up Kohl’s with Mike and Bryn while Pro took Al quickly to WalMart.
Mike wielded the cart with the baby so I could peruse the isles… I don’t have baby driving skills.
Not too much exhilarating happened there.
Coupons are cool and we had two of those so that was fun I guess😜

We went to Sonic for milkshakes as a cure for my sore throat. 

Oreo peanut butter for me and coconut pie for Pro.. Yes those are still milkshakes I’m describing.
Mine was delicious 😍

Back to the house to rest a bit and attempt packing.
I got everything folded and piled and Mike kindly packed it all away for me while I rested.

Got back into publicly presentable viewing, dropped the kids off at Candace’s and the four of us headed out for a couples supper at El Gato Azul…translated to – The Blue Cat. 

It has normal entrées but also a whole selection of appetizers, so Mike got one real meal and then six appetizers to split between the four of us. 

It was good but after an hour of waiting and then the food not being that hot when we got it, our expectations were not totally met.
Mike and Pro both spoke to the waitress about it.. two entrées were taken off the bill 😏

From there we headed to Shannon’s to get cheesecake as a finishing touch to the evening..but devastatingly they were closed 😔

To TJ Max to return a shirt and in exchange buy a purse ?
Mikes been saying he wants me to have a “classy” purse so it’s his own fault he had to buy me one 😏

Josh wanted to learn some Dutch on the drive home 😁
He wanted to know how to say Babe or Chic or something along those lines .. So “Lekkerding” was the word to know 😏
(Supposedly he already said it to Pro when he called her so it stuck with him 😜)

Back to Strunk house and after an ice pop for the throat it was pretty quickly to bed.

If only being tired and in bed meant being able to sleep..
Not a good night.
Between an extremely sore throat and being hot/cold the night didn’t hold much ‘sleep.’
Mike was trying to be helpful but not much can be done.
He did make me have some honey, which is nice in that forceful ish way 😁

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