Goodbye Diesel. Hello Real Grocery Store

Friday -  Friday was a sunny but cold day.. We spent the morning sleeping in and then the early afternoon was spent catching up on writing, relaxing and simply hanging out at the cottage. Mike had bought a sugar bread that is exactly what it sounds like.. Bread with a sugar glaze and chunks of [...]


Jem Moment 

Slippers. Yes this may seem lame or slightly childish but oh well.. I wanted slippers and hadn't found any but then I came across these jems annnd they were only 13€ 😏  Fiji appreciates them too 😉

Cottage Life Monday Through Thursday

A Monday to Thursday outline of Jess's life at the cottage. Monday- So thus far my life isn't exciting enough to write entertaining things everyday. I can only expect you to read about a morning coffee so many times 🙄 So until my life speeds up or something drastically fantastic occurs I will probably write [...]

Sarah Comes And So Does Food

November 15th. We packed up all our new purchases and squished the kittens in for the drive to church. After service was over Sarah, Erwin and the girls came over to the cottage. Made some coffees and visited awhile, the girls had fun with the kittens. Sophie kept walking around asking where the ‘meow’ went [...]

Let’s Buy Everything At Once

November 13th. and 14th. Friday morning Inge was kind enough to make Mike and I breakfast before we went our separate ways. Mike and I started out by going to the second-hand store. Found a small, brand new freezer for only 40 euros and a few other small items for equally good prices. From there [...]

Preps For The Weekend Away

November 12th. Getting settled in my morning routine. Let the kittens out, start the coffee, clean up the kitten room, pour my coffee (maybe get a breakfast made) sit in the living room and read a bit before deciding what to accomplish in the day ahead. Finished fully cleaning out the rest of the dining [...]