Pleasent Nothings

October 30th.

Waking up at home is not a feeling easily explained or duplicated.
But it’s a great thing.

Made myself some more tea and chatted with mom a bit.
Also tried to catch up a little with the writing on here.
Mike made us French toast a while after he woke up and we had a yummy, late breakfast.

Showed mom the shells from Costa Rica and some of our other finds from our travels so far.

Still not feeling totally healthy so I went to take a nap.

Mike washed the windows for mom.
Good thing he had waited till the afternoon to window wash, as that morning a hawk had slammed into our big front window and left his outline.
It gave us all a good startle πŸ˜›

Honestly I don’t remember what I did after my nap and I don’t think it was really very much 😜
Odds and ends had to be done.. So much to accomplish before the final goodbyes on Wednesday that I’m kind of procrastinating about doing anything.

Mike had to decide if he wanted supper in town with some guys, or steak supper at home.
Steak won 😏
After mom and dad got back from their jog, the steak was grilled along with the Caesar salad.
Mushrooms fried, potatoes dished out, bread toasted and buttered.
Iced tea served and supper was prepared.

Enjoyed by all but especially Mike.

The evening was finished off with a family movie night.
Mike hid and waited for mom to come down the stairs so he could scare her.
It worked 😜
After the movie was done she then hid in the hallway to scare him back.
It also worked 😏

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