November Third, Continued

November 3rd.

This day was already a sad one, being the last day home and all.
But we then received heart wrenching news.
Micah Helm had passed away after an accident at work.
Neither Mike nor I knew him that well but to think of the pain the family and his closest friends were going through, made us ache for them.
He was 19 years old, a Christian, had a happy sort of mischievous grin, talented singer and a friend and loved one to many.
We don’t want to question Gods will and timing, but as humans we are bound to ask why such a young person? Why now? Just why in general?
We will probably never know why here on earth.
But someday, we will understand it better by and by.
When we are reunited with those we have lost here and they tell us what we’ve missed, not us telling them what they missed here on earth.
We don’t cry for him, for as much as we can, we grasp and understand that he has never been happier or in a better place.
But for those left behind, the ones that feel the empty place the loved one filled.. It is for them we cry and hurt for.
Prayers seem little but it’s the most powerful tool we are given.
Let’s use it.
Save a place up there, for us down here Micah.

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