Conference Is Calling

November 7th.

Woke up by 7:30 and got ourselves ready for public eyes 😋
Mike made us a couple french toast quickly before we were off and on the road to Blitterswijck area for the church conference.

I passed the 1.5 hour long drive by trying to sleep.
But between an uncomfy hairdo and still having a sore throat, it wasn’t the most restful.

Mike grabbed me a MacDonald’s coffee… Very strong, like a thick strong that has to slowly drip down your throat and coats your tongue.
Thought appreciated, taste unbearable 😝

We got there as church service was starting, Judith had saved us seats 😊
The songs they sing are mostly in English, as was the preaching but it was joined by a German translation.
Christian, my now brother-in-law and Judith’s husband, was the translator that morning.
It was extremely hot in the room, we had dressed for comfortable travel/unknown outdoor temperature etc. and we nearly melted because of it 😥

After service it’s a mass of “Gefeliciteerd!” and its english translation “Congratulations!”
As well as, “This is this person, they belong to that one, those know them, they are related to those, those are related to us,” and so on and so forth.

Later in conversations with Mike about someone i’d met who’s name I couldn’t recall, he would ask for a description.. and my response of “They spoke a different language” isn’t as much of a tell as you’d normally expect😏

Once we escaped the sea of people we drove the few minutes over to the camp where most everyone stays during the conference.
John and Inge had a cabin and had saved us a room in it.
We had a ‘lekker’ lunch prepared by Inge and shortly after we went to try to rearrange our bodies jet lagged state.
Blessed nap time ☺️
Mike slept awhile and then left around 3:00 p.m. to go play football with the guys.
I stayed to sleep more… until 5:30 p.m. ☺️
He got back from soccer as I awoke from my nap, we both changed and freshened up before eating a snack Inge had out for whomever needed food before evening service.

Bro. Ron Peterson from Phoenix was the speaker that night.
After service was over, it’s again a small amount of visiting, introductions and standing to the side trying not to look zoned out well Mike speaks in who knows what, to who knows who 😁

Very hungry on the way back to the Cabin, Mike found Pringles in his car, Pringles have never been more delicious.
John and Inge had the keys for the cabin so Mike and myself, as well as Oma and Opa Klaas (Inges parents) were locked out.

We went to Sarah and Erwins cabin just beside to wait for the keys.

Once we got back into the cabin it was dessert / evening goodie time.
Tried my first ever dutch boterkoek that was NOT made from Leah Naber.
It was good, but hers is better 😘

Rest required, church in the morning.

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