I am hungry while writing this so, Fries And Sausage

Sunday 6th- 

The breakfast at Maipez wasn’t quite as impressive 😜

We headed out to the shopping areas pretty quickly, though the first one was closed since it was Sunday.
While looking for the next shopping centre, we passed what we think was a sailing school.

Tons of white sails speckled on the blue… and bringing the cargo ships into imaginable proportion (pointed out by my observant brother after seeing the picture on our family chat)
We found a parking garage and entered the large shopping centre.

Pretty quickly I was drawn to some pretty looking gelato… breakfast was little so who cares that it was still morning.
It was my dairy intake 😏

We spent some time checking out the shops and came across a skating rink set up outside… in the plus 20 weather.
It was a little bit of a sensory confusion, hot weather, t-shirts and then skates but hey, they want to experience what we Canadians enjoy for free too I guess 😏

A beach was really close by so we walked over there and took our shoes off to enjoy the black and brown sand.
The weather may have been nice but the water was pretty chill even for just the toes.
So we stayed out and got our thrills by watching those brave enough to be in the water.
Seen a couple talented surfers and a couple painful looking crashes… really not sure how you can get pounded by the waves, possibly into coral, not take in salt water and not die.
So that went drastic a little fast but seriously I still don’t get it totally 🤔

Mike was trying to write in the sand but the waves were not on his side.
After about three tries he did get it to stay long enough for a picture 😉

 Jemstory continued, Gran Canaria. Dec.2015
Back at the parking garage I expected Mike to know where we had parked as he is pretty good with directions and layouts where as I… am not. As in zero, as in I can hardly find my way around a mall I’ve lived by my whole life, pathetic I know.
My father would not be proud 😔
But back to the story, Mike did NOT know where the car was. At all.
We walked around the garage awhile and then went to the next level and then my feet hurt so I sat by the Mall doors while Mike searched.
He did find it though all in all it probably took us 20 minutes. 😁

He wanted to stop at a grocery store ( even though we still had a large stock of junk food at the hotel  ).
We tested some sushi, I a little hesitantly since I’ve never had it before but it was crab and actually pretty tasty.

We bought a chicken sushi from the same brand, though I don’t know exactly how authentic chicken SUSHI is…

After again relaxing at the hotel for a while, putting my tired feet up and drifting in and out of sleep because Mike didn’t want me to nap 🙄
We went out on the search for food.
It took awhile as per usual.
The streets are tiny and confusing as well as schedules are a little weird in Spain.
Like supper really late or actually we are closed between 8:30 – 9:00 p.m.
The person at the gas station suggested a restaurant but we couldn’t find it so we ended up parking and just walking the streets and hopefully come upon something.
Which we did.
A very local, little restaurant called ‘El Despacho’.
If it wasn’t for Mike I wouldn’t have been able to figure anything out there, turns out he knows a little Spanish. Big surprise.
So he and the waitress/ owner slightly communicated and chose a dish.
When the dish came out we thought it was going to be a pretty disappointing meal… Bright red little pieces of sausage and soggy looking homemade fries.
BUT, we were ever so happily surprised, don’t judge a plate by its presentation I guess.

Mike and I are both really picky about sausage, we don’t like chewy bits or weird flavours but we probably should have asked what kind of sausage those were so we could buy it bulk 😜
It was super flavourful yet subtle and the homemade fries were delicious and super salty which is the always a plus for fries in our books 😉👌🏻

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