Belgium? Been There Done That 🇧🇪

Thursday 17th –

We left the house at 6:30 and started the drive to Belgium… Mike said the drive was only a couple of hours the day before, but I think it was closer to a couple, times two 😏

I slept until we got into Belgium and once there, Mike dropped off a package to a customer and then had about and hour-long visit with another one.
I patiently waited in the car.
For it being winter the weather was ridiculously nice, I think it reached +16.

After his “work” part of the day was over, we went over to his cousin’s house.
His cousin Xander wasn’t done school yet so we visited with his mom (Sarah) and had a cup of coffee while we waited for him to get back. ☕️

Once he got home, us three kiddos went to Gent to grab a bite to eat.
Paul’s Burgers was the place to go and after a call to save us seats, they even allowed us in after they closed 😉👌🏻
I got an Italian burger which consisted of pesto, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes the patty and a tasty bun with a seed covered top.
The boys got Angus burgers.

Mike proudly told Xander that “she eats like a man” while I finished up my last bite… Somehow it doesn’t sound like a compliment😜

After that, Mike worked on finding us someplace to park and then we walked  into the shopping centre area of town.
(Not a building full of stores but the streets lined with them.)

I got to try a Belgium waffle and it delicious.
A dough is used to make them instead of a batter and they end up being almost kind of sticky to chew, but no worries, the chocolate sauce helps it go down smoothly 😉

Mike bought a Christmas sweater, I’ve been searching for one but of course he would find one and not me 🙄
Other than that though we didn’t find much.

We did spot a blacked out Audie R8 that I suggested we look into getting  rather than the A3 S-line Limousine we are considering 😉

He did have to stop at four grocery stores on the way back to Xander’s to find this one specific cookie he likes.
I really like them too.. But I wouldn’t have went to four grocery stores 😜
He found them in the last store and got four boxes👌🏻
Of course we had to test them.
All three of us agreed that the first cookie seemed less delectable then we had remembered somehow.
Thus meaning a second was required to see if the whole pack would taste like shattered dreams.
Immediately we all said the second was noticeable better!
The third even more so!
I’m not sure what they put in them but it must be some form of magic ingredient that gets stronger and stronger the more you eat😜

Then back to Xander’s for supper😏
We enjoyed a meal prepared Sarah by and then visited with the whole family for awhile before beginning the drive home.
(Or ride/sleep I should say😉)

Home by 11:30 and pretty much straight to bed😊

Friday 18th –

Mike didn’t have to work but he decided he would go anyways and save up a day for when the sister and brother-in-law come out in January 😁

I finished writing up some cards and cleaned up my craft/book work area.

Mike came home a bit earlier than normal so we ate then and figured snacks would follow later.

Supper was left over pasta casserole and last-minute I threw together some stuffed peppers.

That evening I also made some burgers to freeze.
Might as well start stocking up, never know when extra food will come in handy 😉😋

Mike began writing out an itinerary for the January guests 😉  
Sounds like we will be a little sick of sitting in the car but it’s a classic Mike plan of “if Mikes driving, why bother stopping.”
Plus he wants to see places he hasn’t yet and that list is shrinking and making destinations further and further away 😜

Soccer was on so he watched his team play and I kind of forced a foot rub out of him😊
He then heated up some kind of frozen, ready-made noodle thing he had purchased… You’d think he’d be a little pasta-ed out but whatever 😋
I got out the ripple chips and the vinegar for enhancement and we sat down to watch some ‘white collar’.
It must have gotten intriguing because we didn’t get to bed until 1:30 a.m 😜


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