Visiting Away The Weekend

Saturday 19th –

Saturday morning came earlier for some than others… I got up and ready for the day ahead and then eventually I had to wake up Mike so we could head to Doesburg.

We checked out a few stores before heading over to Jilgerts for a visit.
Jilgert and Mike have been friends since they were kids and I think they were missing each other πŸ˜‰
He made us coffees and we chatted away a bit of the afternoon.
Cars, jobs, houses.. The usual with them I believe. 😏

After we left there it was off to Sarah’s, she was having everyone over for her birthday.
Lots of family, noise and food…typical birthday 😜
So we spent the evening there and then drove back to our cottage.

Sunday 20th –  

Sunday family selfie πŸ‘«πŸ±

The man who usually translates the service for me was away so I did some reading during the preaching.
After service I gave Sarah a bag of sugar cookies for the girls because Mike doesn’t like them at all because “they are too soft, mushy… I only like crunchy cookies not soft things” and I don’t need to eat the whole batch myself 😜
Sarah in turn said she had something for me… Bread 😍

Back at the cottage we started getting food ready for Judith and Christian and the kids.
Burgers,curly fries and lemon cucumber was the meal of choice.  

 Poor Judith took the picture thus missing out on being included πŸ˜”

(The lemon cucumber I make pretty often is actually a dish Mike taught me.
Slice the cucumbers super thin and squeeze about one lemons juice onto them. Add a few tablespoons of sugar to desired sweetness and enjoy! It’s really tasty and super easy.)

After dinner we all went for a small walk by the river and then back to the cottage for coffee and hazelnut gelato.
The left around 7:30 as they had a two-hour drive back to get back to their place.

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