It’s Christmas Time! 🎄❤️🎁

Thursday 24th –

It was a busy day!

Rooms cleaned and straightened up while brownie baked in the oven.

Branches found outside for some christmasy decorations and a plan for supper began.

Finally got a moment to catch up via FaceTime with my good friend Mel! 😄
We haven’t had a chance to talk up till now but it was worth the wait 😉

After the brownie cooled it was time to make the filling.
I was in charge of the dessert for the family christmas at Judith’s and I decided on a no bake cheesecake.
Which was made of brownie base topped with a caramel, coffee, cream cheese filling and to be topped with chocolate/coffee, whipped cream and toasted pecans.

I made two small ones beside to test with Michiel that evening. 


I wanted to have some tall taper candles on the table but I didn’t have any candle holders so I had to improvise.
Egg cups turned upside down and the base filled with wax did the trick 😜

Dishes done, table set, candles lit and christmas music playing with a fire lit on the UHD screen 😏   

Stuffed rib eye rolls frying in the pan beside the mushrooms.
Rice and carrot sides along with the oven baked potatoes and warm croissants ( store bought, I wasn’t going to make croissants 😜 )

I lack drink syrups so the festive drink was a modified Fanta ( Fanta with raspberry juice ).

Mike came home and gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and then we sat down for supper.  

I was happy with the turn out of the meal as was Mike ☺️  

After we were done eating I was instructed to go to the room and wait there while Mike wrapped my gifts 😜

I waited and waited and waited… but finally I was told I could come out and what I seen left no question of him having left work early to shop 😏
We brought out the desserts to try ( which he rated highly ) and then it was present opening time.  

He was a sweetie and didn’t want me to feel sad so he had purchased something to represent a gift from each family member at home.
Wood disks ‘from dad’ screws ‘from Josh’ a minty blue colored baking dish ‘from mom’ etc. 😉  


Fiji liked the small frying pan the best… I can hear my dad saying “Chinese food for Christmas instead ” 😜


He got cologne from me and the soccer ball that was yet to be delivered.

Then it was time to relax together, snack and watch Mission Impossible Rogue Nation to close off our first christmas eve. together as married folks. 

Friday 25th –

Sleeping in before getting some morning tasks accomplished was the plan for christmas morning and we stayed true to the plan easily.

A freshly (or not so freshly) awoken picture to start of Christmas Day 😊💕🎄

I had to make some more of the flavoured whipped cream and toast some pecans for the cake and decorate it a little so it was ready, since I wasn’t sure yet if we would take it with us and stay the night at John and Inge’s or if we drive back home after a visit to Mikes grandparents that evening.

Got a few more things ready and then ourselves and we started the drive to his Grandparents. 

It’s an hour-long drive we so took advantage of the deal McDonald’s was having, 20 chicken nuggets for 4 euros. 

We stopped a couple of minutes away from their house and Michiel forced me to go for a walk… He doesn’t understand that a straight skirt, heeled boots and a walk to no where don’t seem overly thrilling somehow 😏  

The walk did get better, especially after I found a stick to force his pace to speed up 😆

We arrived at his grandparents a little bit later and joined the family members already there.
The boys went and played soccer in the rain and family introduced themselves and explained who was who and which belonged with which… I think I am finally starting to figure them all out a little 😁

They made salmon and shrimp salad sandwiches… the traditional christmas meal at grandmas.
I filled up on the tomato soup 😉

Saturday 26th –

Packed up all the items we needed for the weekend, clothes, pillows, cookies and cake and got ready to leave the house by 1:30 to get to Judith’s by 4:00.  

We arrived there shortly before Sarah, Erwin and the girls did and a bit later on John and Inge completed the group.

Judith prepared a delicious meal.
Pork tenderloin with pesto, oven roasted rosemary potatoes, gravy, green beans with bacon and a tossed salad.  

Mike accompanied me for seconds… but I was alone on my third helping 😁
It was very, very enjoyed.

After dinner and dessert the time came for the gift exchange.
Everyone has to buy a gift and write a poem for the person they received and no on knows who has who.
At least no one is supposed to 😏

I received some lovely mint hair bows and a big map that you scratch off where you’ve been, from Sarah.

The rest of the evening was filled with conversation and snacks.

A chocolate tray first and then a cheese, cracker and dip tray later on.
Also stuffed mushrooms which Mike ever so graciously allowed me to eat his shares stuffing out of 😋👌🏻   
I don’t like the mushroom part.  

By the time midnight rolled around we figured we had better head to Judith’s sister-in-laws where we would spend the night.
Sorry for the picture overload 😬

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