Nieuwpoort Camp

Friday Jan 1st –

Mike wanted to go for a walk but I told him if we didn’t go, I would make him cookies.
(Which he has been complaining that I haven’t made for him yet.)
Guess what activity he decided on 😏

So monster cookies were made and half of them eaten within ten minutes. 

 One thing they were missing though… Skor bits. An item I can’t find here or find a replacement for… Suggestions? 

Other than that, not a whole lot was done on Friday.
Packed for Nieuwpoort youth camp.
Made some stuffed peppers for supper.

The end of the first day of our new year… pretty exciting stuff.

Saturday Jan 2nd –

After a few bites of scrambled eggs and the last fixing of our appearances, we left the house around 7:30 a.m. to go to Nieuwpoort Youth Camp in Belgium.
Hot chocolate in hand, as well as a blanket for me 😁
( A stupid blanket that sheds and leaves fuzz wherever it touches as I came to find out upon arrival. )

We made it to camp as the morning service was coming to an end so we slipped in the back to catch the last few minutes.

Once service was over everyone headed towards the dining hall and everyone had to be met and greeted.

( One thing that is a tad different then at home is no matter where you go, or how often, everyone must say hello and everyone has to shake each others hands upon coming and same actions required when going.
Like, I know who you are now, this is the fifth time I’ve seen you do we really have to go through these formalities? Again?
But yes, you do and you will no matter how long you’ve known a person or how well acquainted you are.
Childhood friends and family get handshakes and formal ‘Hello’s’ just as much as strangers and no it doesn’t effect this pattern if you already seen them yesterday 😜 )

Anyways… back to camp.

Meals were the typical style found at camps, not really that tasty or filling.

Mike went to play soccer with the guys and I decided to further acquaint myself with the room.
You all like to be civil and formal and friendly with humans day in and day out? Well I believe my bed should get that same level of respect 😏

Mike came back. He woke me up. Told me to get up and get ready. The usual.

We dawned our coats and went for a small exploration of the store and streets beside the camp.
( Camp is right along the coastline and also amidst town so the walk started literally out the front door.)

As we were about to cross the street, the smell of Belgium waffles wafted to us and we immediately turned back and found where such a scent was coming from.
Chewy, warm waffles covered in Nutella, ate while standing on the lamp lit, Belgium street corner with my love.
The waffles really are as tasty as they sound.
Though the street corner wasn’t as nice as it sounded… it was cold and damp and raining a little bit and Mike is the one who made me go there so whats that make him? Rude. 😜
Have to type things into a better story but I can only withhold the truth for so long 😉  

Back at the camp we visited with others until it was time for the evening service.
A young preacher from Washington State spoke that night.
The services are preached in english and a german translator accompanies as well as a french translation through headphones.
Service was enjoyed and much was learnt and hopefully much will be applied as well.
The services and songs can be seen at

Drinks and snacks are put out and everyone mingles once more before bed.

Sunday Jan 3rd –

Morning came and with it hunger, getting ready for church, packing, straightening up the room and taking off the bedding.

Breakfast was then next on the to do list but they obviously don’t know how to do that either 😝
Buns, freaky looking lunch meats and cheese slices were the selection and lets just say I was really happy I ate two cookies while getting ready.

The last service of camp was preached and everyone then had to head outside for a group picture.

I don’t have that picture but I have this one thanks to Mikes cousin Susanna 😉 

It was chilly and everyone was grateful to go back to the waiting lunch, until they remembered they were at camp and lunch wouldn’t be good.

The afternoon passed by with more mingling and conversation until around 3:00 when we decided to start the 4 hour drive back to Dalfsen.
We were asked by a parent if we could bring their kids back with us so we had two passengers on the way back.
Daniel and Naomi agreed that McDonald’s was a good idea after the lack of ‘real food’ so we stopped there at one point of the drive.
After that I’m pretty sure Mikes three companions slept away the journey and were ever so grateful to him upon their awakening at the destination 😉

2 thoughts on “Nieuwpoort Camp

  1. I like Mike’s “murse” in your photo…goes great with his outfit 😜
    Joking aside though…nice pic of the two of you 👍🏼😉


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