The Guests have Arrived!

Saturday 23rd –

Up by 4:00 a.m. to get ready to leave for the airport by 5:00.

I had to be up early enough to get ready and make us hot chocolate for the road and make the bed.. All about presentation for those guests 😏😜

We got to the airport around quarter to seven and they had landed at 6:30.
But the airline had lost their luggage so we had to wait while they reported that and figured it all out so it was like 7:30 by the time we finally seen the two tired travellers come through the doors.

Pro wasn’t feeling that great so first stop was meds… Which shouldn’t be so hard to find in Amsterdam 😏
We got her some medicine and then found a place to park and walk to get some breakfast at ‘The Lobby’.  

The reviews turned out to be more than true and breakfast was enjoyed by all.
The decor was eclectic and interesting, the coffee cups large and the meals rather tasty!
Pancakes for the boys, French toast made with sugar bread and served with sour cream for me and eggs over brown bread for Pro.

The streets of Amsterdam needed to be shown so we headed out onto them and so began the sightseeing that would continue on for days ahead.  
Canals were walked over, street side shops perused, macaroons purchased and one of the smallest houses in Amsterdam seen.

A house built in a crack, hardly wider then its own front door.  


Leaving Amsterdam we drove towards Arnhem.
Though everyone was tired, especially J+P, we wanted to keep semi normal day hours so their jet lag wouldn’t be so bad.
Us car passengers did ‘rest’ our eyes on the drive to Arnhem though 😏
We stopped at a fish truck to let them try kibbeling and then went to the Airborne museum.   

Then to the streets to experience some of Europes shopping style and of course fresh stroopwafel tasting.

And Finally back to the cottage.
Time to see our place, shower, rest and recuperate.

Heated up some potato soup and a baguette for supper and then tried to reach the goal of staying awake until 8:00 p.m. 😜 

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