And Finally – Luxembourg, Germany And Back To Holland

Tuesday 26th –

Before we made it to our hotel in Germany the previous night, we had to make a coffee stop which turned into a coffee and delicious Oreo cheesecake stop ☺️ 

The IAT Plaza Hotel in Trier was our rest stop and it was quiet nice.
The receptionist didn’t believe the booking price Mike had found because it was so low but upon further inspection it turned out to be true 😜👍🏻
Thank goodness, because after a whole day of driving and checking out Paris and then four more hours of driving and sitting, everyone was ready for some real beds.
Plus the chocolates the hotel had on our pillows were really, really good 😁  


We decided to sleep in a bit and just take things at a little slower pace for the morning.
We left by 11 and explored the town of Trier and the oldest cathedral in Germany.

Afterwords it was high time to find food.
Mike walked us into a restaurant that was in the basement of a bakery.
I admit we weren’t impressed by the meal descriptions he supplied us with through translated German but the waitress saved us all by explaining the dishes and the food turned out to be a pleasantly tasteful surprise.
Chicken pot pie for me, mince meat open sandwiches for the guys and a ham, mozza baguette for Pro.  


The boys got some baked sweets from a food truck and the drive to the Eltz Castle began.

Mike drove, others slept.
It’s a pattern that seems semi permanent, poor Mike.

‘Poor’ Mike has a trust issue though, he continually doubts the GPS system.
Usually it turns out that in the end it would have been a dash faster to follow the path chosen by the GPS and not Mike.
Startling surprise I know 😏

In the case of finding the castle this exact same thing happened.
Following the roadsigns to the Castle instead of following the GPS, Making us park in a wooded area that included a 15 minute hike to find the castle.
All in all the hike wasn’t so bad but once at the castle we realized an error.
No one had checked if the castle was actually open.
It wasn’t 😜  


It’s the little things that make the biggest memories sometimes 😏
(My “deep” moment ^ ) 

Like when we were all super over-tired and Mike wouldn’t shut up (It happens to the best of us during long road trips) about Luxembourg and he drove into the town of Luxembourg, Luxembourg and he made us all open our car doors and touch our toes to the pavement to officially say we had BEEN in Luxembourg.
And the time when Josh was talking (like usual 😉) and he told us all that he actually understands Mike super well… when he speaks English.
Shocking realization right? 😋

But back to the days events.

To the car we went and Holland was now the destination.
But not before Vapiano´s was visited!
It met all my high expectations once again.  
I can’t speak for all the dishes there since I’ve had the same one twice 😁 but I’d be happy to live out my days eating only that dish whenever we go there.
Pasta Rosso❤️

Thankful for all our safe travels, we made it back to the cottage without any problems… Only a few more miles put on the car 😁  

Fiji survived outside (as I never doubted he would, though others questioned his natural capabilities). He did miss us though and Mike eventually asked him if he could stop purring😜

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