Recuperation Day

Wednesday 27th –

Everyone slept pretty good and the morning started slowly.  
I made scrambled eggs and fried potatoes for breakfast and then three of us enjoyed sitting around, doing nothing much, drinking coffee and in general not waaaanting to do anything.

Except Mike 😏

He’s not one who “sits and does nothing” well unless it involves soccer watching 😜

For a guy who just drove hours and hours and hooooours and walked more than a couple of miles over cobblestone streets and climbed 732 stairs over three jam-packed days… He’s terrible at enjoying a lazy day.

I’m trying my very best to teach him thoughπŸ˜‰

What did get taught was a board-game that Pro and Josh bought us.
‘Ticket to Ride, Europe’ was set up and played.
It was fun 😊
I lost πŸ˜’
Pro won … Allllll by herselfπŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»  

Everyone needed showers and coffees and laundry done and then greatly needed was food.
But greatly missing was any ambition to cook or any effort from the girls to be presentable for public viewing … So the boys were sent out.
They were sick of being caged in the house anyways.

So they went to town for some souvenir foods for J+P to take back to Az. Stroopwafels, cheese, mints… The usual.
Also on their to do list was to pick up food for us all. Such darlings those boys. 😏

But since they wouldn’t be back for a while Pro and I had to survive on hot-chocolate and peanut butter cookies and swapping back massages.  

We lived ☺️
The guys got back with ‘barbershop’ for a late lunch/early dinner since I wanted J+P to be able to try it.
They liked it πŸ™‚

Pro and I looked up some places we wanted to check out when we were in Ireland and also finished up the packing.

The packing which somehow ended up into me and Pro talking on the bed for two hours while the boys watched soccer and then chatted to the point that Mike felt like he had possibly learnt enough from Josh to possibly go into construction work😜

The boys complained that they were bored.. We convinced them sister time was not to be interrupted πŸ˜‹πŸ˜
We finished up in a timely manner and then called it bedtime.
We had to leave the house by 5:30 the next morning.

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