Thanks A Million, It’s Been Grand ( Remember, Irish Accent )

Friday 29th –

The morning started… An hour late but still.
I felt bad cause we overslept so I was hoping
J+P hadn’t been up and ready for a while already.

Got mostly ready and then headed to J+P’s room for the hairspray and I was greeted with coffee from Josh and Pro then helped clear up the late wake up issue.
The time is one hour later in Ireland 😏
So all was as it should be.

Out for breakfast we went.
We started the day a little to early it would seem since nothing was really open.
The few things that were open seemed slightly… lacking.
( Supposedly Ireland isn’t a very good place to go for food so honestly I’m a little confused at why the four of us were excited to go there in the first place ? 😜 )

We settled on a place we seen multiple people walk into.
It had decent hot chocolates.
Scones and eggs split between Pro and I and the guys got a dish with meat and eggs. 
Big surprise right.
The real surprise though was the blood pudding they got with their meal, that Josh ate!

We walked some streets, checked out what stores we wanted to double back to see when they opened and found an interesting lumber yard fence with peeking holes cut into it.  
We peeked.
Josh mocked.

To castle Kilkenny! 
Got there and checked it out… It was castley😏  
Watched a briefing on it and that satisfied three of us.
One of us wanted a tour.
Guess who? πŸ˜‰
Josh went to the 45 min. tour and we all left him there experiencing slight feelings of guilt.
But he assured us that he wasn’t hurt in the least that we would abandon him to shop.

Mike came with us 😜

Turns out Ireland has some beautiful dresses!
We had no occasions to shop for but if we ever do, we know we can depend on Ireland πŸ˜πŸ‘—

Some lovely coffee cups were purchased at the gift shop.
Handmade in Dingle Ireland 😏

Met back up with Josh and went to a bakery for a snack before we headed out of Kilkenny to find the Rock of Dunamase.

It was worth the hour and a half it added on to our drive back to Dublin 😊
Though I may be able to say that since I missed most of the drive because my eyelids wouldn’t open.

Anyways… Got the ruins and began exploring.  
Turns out the castle/ village thingy etc. had been bombed out during the war so it couldn’t be used as shelter.

It’s unfortunate but the walls left leave so much space for the imagination.

Pro and I took full use of that opportunity.
The sound of the guys walking behind us on the gravel pathway up the hillside became horse hooves returning with news and entering through the towns gate.
The small corridor was once walked by two maidens ( not unlike ourselves πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ ) with silken gowns and locks of auburn.

So nice to have her here to bring to life imaginations of what could have been.

Even if we have no reeeal idea of what kind of people would have lived there or what on earth they would have worn, or done 😜   

 (My phone died so I didn’t get any amazing pictures … This is Mikes.)

Mike still hasn’t gotten totally used to my dramatic flare at times 😁
After a fair bit of exploration we walked back to the car and the thorns alongside the path were pronounced as blackberry bushes by Pro. 
I’m not sure what authority she holds on this subject really but I prefer to believe her because that would taste delicious for those who had lived there 😜  


We stopped in Naas to look for food before we went to the airport.
We seen a Tony Roma’s sign and in shock and delight went to look for it!
Alas… It was no longer πŸ˜’

Mike asked an older man about where would be a good place to eat and his rather grouchy response was, ” Pfff! No where! We don’t have anywhere to eat here! Nothing is good but if you’re starving there’s McDonald’s at the end of this street.”
That response was slightly disheartening…

We continued on and seen a retro looking diner called ‘Eddie Rockets’ with a fair amount school kids inside.
It looked so-so but mainly we just wanted something semi normal that wasn’t McDonald’s and that’s what there was.  


It was good… A little small on proportions unfortunately πŸ™

Car dropped off. Airport securities went through. Turns out Dublin airport people are rather nice! And Dublin airport In general.
Found a purdy travel pillow to buy… Figured if the 12 or so post wedding flights were any inclination of the future I would find good use for the pillow eventually 😏

Pro and I wanted soup. Hearty tomato ish or beef ish soup. We had wanted something like that for a couple of days.
But finally we found it!
The desired tomato soup was enjoyed with chips while we sat on the airport floor awaiting our flight.
And trying to avoid Mikes path as he was feeling sick and looking really pale 😬

He felt better pretty quickly though and I used most of the flight to catch up on writing.

Mike was sick of driving so he gave Josh the keys to the Audi, set the navigation to take us back to the cottage and settled into the backseat to have a pre bedtime sleep.
I felt it was my responsibility to support his decision and in turn, sleep also 😜

I went to bed pretty much immediately after getting back to the cottage… I think the other three stayed up and ate a pizza.

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