Enjoying The Little Things

Saturday 30th –

Sleep, sleep and sleep some more.

No one stirred till around 12:00 noon or so and then when they did, hunger ensued.

I wanted sugar bread.
Really badly.
After stating my desire for it, it became desired by all.
But we were out so a fast store trip was needed.

Mike wanted to try to make the sugar bread into french toast so he and Pro opted for that and Josh and I went for fast and easy, toasted and buttered style
Both were fully enjoyed, around 1:00 p.m πŸ˜‹

Sitting. Relaxing. Drinking coffee. Relaxing.
Pjs. Couches and blankets.
It was great.
Mike wasn’t thrilled but it was still great 😜

The day kind of flew by… Not odd considering we only woke up and starting the day in the afternoon.

Soon we were again hungry.
But this time for fish! 😜
Kibbeling to be exact, from town.
The boys were bored.
I’ll rephrase that, Mike was bored and kind of guilted Josh into getting dressed and going to town with him.

Us girls waited at the house and then gratefully ate the food they brought back to us.
So very old school of them… Going out and bringing back game for us fragile creatures to be nourished by.
Deep fried with tartar sauce and everything 😏  

We then attempted to play a card game called Dominion. Mike and I received it as a wedding gift but none of us knew how to play it. We tried for about an hour. Then we put it away 😜 
Supper preparations began.

Breaded mozza Mike had pre made for us all was the meal of choice.
Along with tomato sauce, chicken and grape juice.
So refined 😏  

We wanted to give them at least one homemade meal πŸ˜‰
The evening mimicked most of the day.

But come bedtime Mike and I weren’t really tired.
I think Pro was so-so on the tired scale.
Josh was falling asleep.
But none the less they humoured us and we all chatted in the kitchen (a.k.a their room) for a little while longer or a little hour… or more, same thing ☺️

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