Small On Space, Short On Time…

Sunday 31st –

Time to go to church.

The morning was a riddle of “who’s in the bathroom, who isn’t, who’s eating, who’s making food, who’s coffee is this one, I think it’s mine ???”

One bathroom for four people and one bedroom in the kitchen may be a slight inconvenience but luckily there’s plenty of time to get ready since church doesn’t start till 11:30.  

After the service it was time to introduce a few folks to J+P and then go back to the cottage to fix the issue of near starvation faced by two of us. Chips were snacked on to appease hunger while I made us all a meal.
Waffle fries, dill carrots, fried mushrooms and stuffed, lunch meat style ribeye rolls. 


By that time it was already 5:30 so Pro had packing to finish up and I had notes and goodies to prepare to send back with her.

Pro and I had a momentary lapse of our normally perfect behaviour and fell into a state of odd voices, laughter, pathetic accents and unique conversation.
Josh was showering so Mike was left by himself to watch from the corner.
He hasn’t been around us acting this way much, so he finds it hard to feel safe just yet.
It’ll come after enough exposure 😁

Everything being finished and ready for the next day meant only one thing.
Time to watch Zorro😏

Break out the chips, dip and popcorn.
Plop a pillow on the floor to sit on while swapping back rubs and settle in to start the show.
Mike had never seen Zorro so Pro and I felt like it was our duty to introduce them.
It was an enjoyable experience 😄

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