We Bid Thee Both Adieu…

Monday 1st –

Wake up.

Drink coffees.

( Can’t remember if I already said this or not but the more normal amounts of coffee I’ve been consuming are because the darling siblings brought coffee beans from home and the coffee now tastes miraculous ❤️ )

Luggage hauled to the car.

Train station reached and tickets bought.

Stand sadly waiting for the train to come and take away my sister. ( and brother 😉)

It came and it left with some of the best parts of my life.

I’m being a little melodramatic yes but not that much really… I could make it sound much worse but I’m keeping it to a need to know basis for the sake of those reading 😏

Mike drove me back to the cottage and then he headed to work.

I cleaned up a few things and then spent the rest of the day napping, writing and then preparing supper.

For a healthy change instead of cooking fries I made some buffalo flavoured cauliflower. 
I liked it… Mike was so so since its cauliflower but he said he would probably be able to eat it again 😏

The end of a sad day.

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