Chain Saws, The Sound Of Home

Wednesday 17th –

Mike had complained that we hadn’t had any dessert in a while … Even though he also complains about gaining weight 😏

But anyways.. I decided to make an easy no bake cheesecake to appease him.
Nutella coffee filling with an Oreo crumb base.

I didn’t have a recipe so that’s as much detail as you get πŸ˜œπŸ’•
Supper turned out great ☺️
I don’t say that often about my own stuff but it was a simple recipe that anyone could repeat so I suggest you do… Especially if you have any winter blues because you can’t eat out of a pineapple and feel sad 😜

Also.. No dishes to clean up πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
🍍 Pineapple Chicken 🍍

Thursday 18th –

Mike had to go to Amsterdam for work and since he was that far already he decided to pit stop by Doesburg and play soccer before coming home that evening… Which was fine with me because then he doesn’t complain about not seeing friends and I don’t have to cook supper 😜

He was a darling that morning though and made me coffee and brought it to me in bed before he left for work ☺️

It was on this rainy day that finally sat myself down to the task of writing, sealing and addressing some wedding cards.
The small yet time-consuming task ate up a fair bit of the afternoon.

A small amount of yard work had to be done so I also ventured out and did that…

Spring is trying to come early it seems.

I got to eat the leftover chicken and rice for supper☺️

That evening was also writing on here and picture preps… Again, something that sounds easy but also takes more time then you’d think.

Mike got home around midnight.
He brought me my favorite pistachio macaroons from ‘Tout’ in Amsterdam 😊


Friday 19th –

Michiel went off to school and I stayed in dream land a little while longer.

Until the noise of chain saws woke me up 😜
I grew up with that noise and found it loud and annoying but after you don’t hear it for sometime it’s funny what sounds familiar.
(Aunty was just getting some renos done thus the noisy wake up call.)

We had bought an old atlas at a second-hand store to use for crafts/art etc. and I finally found something to use it for…

I was pretty happy with the outcome and I plan to fill the book with ticket stubs, pictures, places visited etc. 😊
Mother called and we got to chat a bit before she started on her day 😊

There were bananas that needed to be used up and I know of few ways better to use bananas then in banana chocolate chip muffins 😏

The day before Mike got me macaroons, and then when he got back from school he brought me back flowers… I’m starting to think he wants something? 😜

A walk was taken so that Mikes begging for one would cease.. But then again, if he brings me macaroons and flowers and all he wants is a walk, I can probably deal with that 😁

The river did look pretty with the sun going down.

Back at the cottage, steak, fried mozza and garlic bread was served.

Aunty Gail (who is coming to see us once tulips bloom πŸ˜‰ ) called too and we got to catch up a bit as well as discuss some adventures that may be taken when she and my uncle Miles come πŸ˜„

And that summed up our evening!

If your sick of reading about food, coffee sipping and sleep… I suggest you learn about the finer things in life and learn to appreciate them or be alone in your sadness and stop reading 😜

Good night from Holland 😴

5 thoughts on “Chain Saws, The Sound Of Home

  1. Wij willen graag een reservering doen!
    Zo’n heerlijke maaltijd en dan zo’n lekker toetje en tot slot een wandeling langs de oever van de Vecht :-)))

    Liefs vanuit Doesburg!
    Fijne week!


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