Let’s Confuse The Germans

Saturday 20th –
A morning spent packing, present preparing and card writing while also enjoying sugar bread French toast prepared by Mike for our brunch.

And then off to Tim’s birthday party in Germany we went.

Mike was pleased to find two of his favourite cakes being served… pleased enough to eat four pieces besides the meal 😏  

I enjoyed the play-dough Tim got, just as much as he did I think 😜  
 A group walk to a grocery store to get some fresh, rainy, dreary air before bed.
Judith was kind enough to make room for us to spend the night. Along with Sarah, Erwin and the girls ☺️


Sunday 21st –

Church in the morning and lunch at a hole in the wall Greek place.  

(My brother made the disgusting observation after seeing a photo of our lunch, that the far dish had a similar look to wet dog food… Glad it was Mikes dish 😏 )

A two-hour nap / drive got us  back to the cottage by 4:30 and then a lazy evening ensued.

We ( I ) decided to take a trip back to childhood via watching “The Emperors New Groove” 😜
Yes it’s stupid and yes Mike probably wondered what kind of crazy he married while we watched it, but oh well 😏

It was also time to try to confuse the Germans!

Mike got a speeding ticket back in Jan. but we both think it was a little dumb to have a camera on a small country road with poorly marked signs, so Mike set to work to write a polite letter stating the conditions.
Only he wanted it to be in English, and not only English but elaborate English 😏
So he wrote a draft and then I embellished it.

Fingers crossed it works 😜


Monday 22nd –

Mission: Impossible was in effect once again.

But after it was temporarily accomplished I again turned to my good friend bed and Mike worked away the day from home.

I woke up, got some food… Moved to the bed in the kitchen… fell asleep.

I know I was beyond lazy and sleepy and unmotivated.
But to my excuse, Mike working from home messes up my days a huge amount.

I don’t know what to do, or where to be in the house, should I talk to him, shouldn’t I? Does it need food ? 😜

So he worked and accused me of ALWAYS spending my days asleep, but that is not true.

I wanted pizza, he wanted burgers.
Burgers were taken out of the freezer and then I had an over due chat with Pro 😊
Burgers ate. 

Soccer watching by Mike and a chat with mother for me.

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