The Last Of The Magic Beans… ☕️

Tuesday 23rd –

The coffee beans were sinking rapidly.
They were supposed to last until the parents come in April …

I just got UN addicted to coffee before Pro brought me beans.
Now I’m re-addicted to coffee and now I’m running out and with have to go through withdrawals again! 😫

Mike looked and we can’t order that brand of coffee beans here and I’m reluctant to go out spending money on countless bags of coffee to only attempt to find the perfect brew…☕️

Household tasks were finished up.
Monster cookies made.
Steak sautéed for supper later.

Logo for jemstory began to take shape, with much appreciated consultation via mom 😏

Peaks 😁 ⬆️

Gotta love when an idea in your head comes out a little better than you hoped for on paper 😄
The rarity!

Supper was as you already read, sautéed steak with a packaged noodle stir fry.

Mikes friends wanted him to play soccer so he decided to go and wasn’t back until 11:00 p.m or so.


Wednesday 24th –


I seriously love sugar bread…
When I lay in bed in the morning, it’s the pull of coffee and sugar bread toast that is strongest in making me leave the comfort and warmth of my blankets.

If (WHEN) we move back to Canada, I may have to learn how to bake this bread 😏


I worked on the jemstory logo for a fair bit of time, along with some ideas for further writing… If anyone has anything that they think they could enjoy reading about from my view or about my life, feel free to suggest! 😜

We had plans to go grocery shopping that night so I had to think of a supper to make with the fairy limited items on hand.

Penne pasta with shrimp and garlic toast was the meal of choice (it turned out fairly tasty 🙂)

Turned out that Mike forgot his wallet at work thus prolonging the grocery trip till the next day… So I also wasted a hairdo on eating supper in the living room 🙄 😜


I hadn’t wanted to go outside to check the mail because there are still a bunch of workers near the cottage everyday fixing up aunties place..🙈

Mike checked it when he went for a walk around 10 p.m to look for Fiji 😏
In it, mail from mom! 😄


Some humorous little notebooks to enjoy looking at as much as using 😊💕

Mike and Fiji sat down to enjoy some soccer… The weird cat, normally he sits with me if Mike and I are both in the living room but he won’t watch a normal movie with me.
But Mike turns on soccer and off he goes to sit and enjoy the sport with him 😜

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