Evil Places That Take Our Money And Turn It To Poo πŸ’©

Thursday 25th –

Art day.

I enjoy painting and creating but my creativity comes and goes in random bursts.
I won’t paint for weeks and weeks and then one day I’ll have an idea and the next five days are filled with JUST painting.  


Nothing to serious as I’m more into quick little projects at the moment. 🎨
This day was mid burst.
I think part of the reason I don’t like getting into the painting groove is that it’s easiest to leave all the supplies out… But I hate working in the mess.  
I need to come up with an accessible yet pretty system I suppose πŸ˜‹ 

Frozen pizza and leftover pasta for supper…  Like I said, we had limited resources unless we  wanted to eat just plain, fried burger perhaps? Or maybe a boiled potato ? 😏
Mike hates boiled potatoes so that wouldn’t have went over well anyways… come to think of it they aren’t my favourite either unless they are drowning in a seasoning packed beef gravy.
( I want some of moms gravy now … And as I write this it’s only 10:30 a.m 😝 )

Back to the point… Supper was ate and then reluctantly we headed to the grocery stores.
Evil places that take our money and turn it to poo.. Pretty much literally 😁

To be honest the stores, store names and what they are all separately stocked with is still confusing to me.
Mike takes me to one and I go to buy milk or sour cream and he says, “No buy it at the next store it’s fresh there. Buy the meat here it’s better quality…” πŸ™„
I’m used to being able to go to one grocery store and get everything as long as it’s not some particular specialty item.
I also really miss cheddar cheese and BIG bags of sugar… and Old Dutch salt and vinegar chips πŸ˜’

I had sorted and addressed a large stack of mail to send out during the day but we couldn’t find a mailing location that was open.
The grocery store didn’t have international stamps either so those are just sitting on the cupboard getting in my way now πŸ˜•

The prettiest of flowers are starting to appear in the stores 😊
I don’t know much about flowers but I do have a few I hold higher than others.
Ranunculus being among them and they are becoming available as the sun shines more.  

3.99€ for a small bundle… At home we would pay that per stem almost 😬 I held off buying any because I knew the bigger bundles with brighter colors will appear soon enough πŸ˜‰

Mike watched soccer and offered to give me a foot rub… I took him up on the sweet offer, knowing (and accepting) that the rub would be full of pauses when the game got to intense.
Mike didn’t believe me that he stops rubbing, ever 😏  

He still tries to deny it even though I have the video proof…

Friday 26th –

Mike wanted pancakes.

He wanted them sooooo badly.
The Canadian kind cause he had even bought Aunt Jemima syrup πŸ˜‹

I dislike making pancakes…Something about the batter always managing to be everywhere, on everything and I don’t really enjoy pancakes for breakfast. I’d rather have them for supper 😜

But… after his begging and pleading I got out of bed and made the big baby his breakfast.
Fresh cut mango, freshly brewed coffee, orange juice, pancakes and a variety of toppings to choose from.
There was going to be bacon too but it was no longer edible unfortunately. πŸ™„

He crawled out of bed once the smells of food grew strong enough 😏  
The pancakes were made using a mix we had bought awhile back and the resulting food was good but not as fluffy as Canadian ones and not real pretty πŸ˜‹

Once breakfast was over with, Mike continued his work from home and I went to drafting another logo, experimenting with the colors a bit.

We got mail from Sask. again ☺️
This time it was a lovely handmade card from our niece EmilyπŸ’•  
Also included was a card from Becca and a card with two movies from Nathin , fingers crossed they work in Europe πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Mike made himself a wrap for lunch.
I told him I didn’t need any since I’d been snacking on cold, leftover pancakes all throughout the afternoon.
( Found out I love the old pancakes waaay more than freshly cooked ones 😝)
Turns out the wraps Mike made looked super good and he fried bacon bits too so I pretty much had to have a half… Good thing he kind of knew that would happen and made more than enough 😏  


I’d seen an ad for the tv series, “When Calls The Heart ” and decided to check it out. We watched the first two episodes together… It’s a little cheesy at times but something that could be fun to watch together now and again πŸ˜‹

By the time we were done watching those it was time to think about supper, obviously.

Kibbeling sounded good so Mike quickly called and placed an order before they closed and headed off to pick it up.
I stayed at the house and worked on boiling, then frying potatoes to go with the fish.  

He came back with fish… And flowers πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’

Lorna Doone was the movie choice for the evenings dinner and a show. 😏  

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