A Burger In Any Other Bun, Will Taste As Sweet

Monday 28th –


I woke up a fair bit earlier than Mike and spent the morning drinking coffee, eating muffins and writing.
As well as cleaning up the kitchen, which Mike messed again as soon as he woke up pretty much😏

Mike wanted burgers from the hotel restaurant for lunch but as he had taken burgers out of the freezer the previous night to thaw, it seemed a little dumb to go eat what we had at our finger tips.

He may not have fully agreed but he eventually got over it.

We didn’t have any burger buns so I had to improvise.
A round garlic bread we had in the freezer came to the rescue. 
Though it added more grease than anyone needs, the flavour was enjoyed ☺️

After we ate our late lunch, Mike needed to get out of the house.
He wanted to go to the greenhouse owned by his cousin’s family, situated around an hour away.
(Which I did not know before leaving the house but oh well 😜)
The plan I was aware of was go to the greenhouse and then go grocery shopping because soon we will be running on fridge fumes only.
The plan changed.

The drive there was accompanied with rain and dark clouds beside blue skies, sunshine and rainbows. 
It was feeling a tad bit like Sask. in that aspect 😁

We checked out the greenhouse but Mike has more interest in flowers than me so it wasn’t that thrilling. 
The process of which plants get what and when, to keep them blooming throughout  all spring sales etc. is slightly interesting though.
The price of orchids here is something that still shocks me too.
Baby size ones can be as little as 4 euros or medium one for up to a shocking… 7 euros 😜
We ended up visiting with his cousin and his cousins fiancée for awhile and by then it was supper time and we got an invitation to stay for it.

Which we did.

The evening passed with food, coffee, dessert and visiting.

Grocery shopping was not going to be happening 😏

Tuesday 29th –

We had bought two small roasts awhile back so it was time to try one.
Turns out it was actually pork roast not beef which I had hoped for but it had to be eaten eventually so why not now.
I took it out to thaw and contemplated what else to make to go with it.

I got out my painting supplies and tried a few small ideas that had recently been floating around in my head, plus I wanted to use my new gold pen 😊  

Laundry did and dishes done.

Instant soup and cookies ate.

Potatoes and carrots peeled.
Vinegar poured here and there in the ‘powder room’ to hopefully help remove water stains.

It was a thrilllllling day 😜

I attempted to make gravy out of the roasts brownings… it was a little thick and I blamed myself for the odd flavour but I changed my opinion after tasting the roast. 
Turns out the seasonings they use for roasts here, are not ones I appreciate.
Mike did like it though, so that’s cool I guess 🙄

Later that evening I was mindlessly pushing on the lump on my wrist and without meaning to, pushed it back into place like last time.
It’s relieving to have the lump gone and no doctor visit in order, though the gushing feeling as it goes back inside my wrist feels so gross at the time 😁
But I’m happy my hand no longer looks like a dinosaurs back 👌🏻

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