Health, Home And Garden 🍓🏠🌸

Friday 1st –


Up and at er bright and early.

We had an appointment to check out a house at 9 that morning, so we went and had a looksie.
It turned out to be more than likely a no, due to some layout and space issues.

Once we were done with that, we had groceries that needed getting.
We were just now out of the strawberries and blueberries we had stocked up on back in November, so we drove over to Germany momentarily for the cheaper/bigger fruit selection.
Which is a little humorous considering we aren’t really the healthiest humans 😜

We had Chinese food from the grocery store restaurant and it was the best I’ve ate here yet.

We ate it for what felt like lunch but it was still really breakfast time… But lunch food for breakfast is fine with me any day 😋👌🏻🍜

Mike got a car wash and vacuumed out the car as his form of guest preparation and we headed to Zutphen to look at another house.
This one we liked more but it had been smoked in and it was too pricey for how old the house was, plus a very poorly renovated bathroom.

I really dislike house shopping.
You have to look through so many ads before finding one that can even be a hopeful.
(Mike does the looking not me, so I can’t really complain about that part of the process but still.)
After you see the pictures of the house and get all excited, an appointment it made.
Then you get ready and spend how much time and planning around the one, 10 minute house look.
And after all that, it’s still doubtful that you’ll even like the place once you see it in person, but you always have to go look.
Once that house has been rejected it’s the whole process over again.

Though there was still a slight breeze, the sun was brightly shining and spring was very evident.
So at least the errands and driving were done while enjoying the weather around us.

We had to stop at one more grocery store before we could go back to the cottage and finally the town tasks were all done.
Felt pretty accomplished by 3 pm… guess that’s what happens when you wake up at a decent hour.
(But you also get very tired so I advise you travel as the passenger so you can snooze 😉)

The usual post grocery activities were now on the list to be done.
Unpacking, repackaging.
Mike took it upon himself to arrange the fruit and veggies 😏

I had burgers to mix up but hadn’t realized that the burger Mike had picked was pork meat not beef so the ‘burger’ outcome was an unsatisfactory, mushy texture.

Mike spent his afternoon hedge trimming, leaf blowing, patio sweeping and window washing.

He then went to the grocery store to pick up the few items we had missed, including beef burger to hopefully even out the burger mix’s texture.
I knew I should have went with him to stop the purchase of unnecessary things but I had guacamole dip to prepare for our evenings nourishment.

Found this easy little assortment of guacamole ingredients and for the same price as two avocados alone would’ve been 😊 Which is normally around 2€ or so.

He came back with groceries… a tray full of plants and a bag of dirt 😏
(Spring really inspires him I guess 😜)

Once he was done planting the flowers he came in and we ate the guac and watched ‘Letters to Juliet’ since he said he didn’t want to watch any ‘action’ due to a headache 😋

The dip wasn’t enough for us to feel full, so Mike had a freshly bought pretzel with nutella and I had the rest of the rice pudding mix 😏

I have mentioned my disgust of ticks and it is now time to mention my repulsion of cleaning the shower drain.😷
Ours has been slightly plugged since we arrived at the cottage and it was time to take action.
I began but my gagging noises and voiced disgust at the job brought Mike to the room and he quickly told me to leave and he would finish.
No need to ask me twice!

Two houses seen, five grocery stores gone to, foods prepared, yard cleaned up, and one drain unplugged meant bed was loudly calling 😁



Saturday 2nd –



It was a Saturday morning just like most others.

Mike sleeps soundly, while I can sleep no longer.
So I get up, get coffee made and sit to do some writing.
(We are running on reserve coffee beans we bought in Rome… over a year ago :p Hurry up mom and dad!)

We sat doing our own things for most of the morning, just how I like it.
Mornings aren’t my strong point so the less communication till my first cup of coffee is done, the better 😏☕️

Mike headed to the outdoors to continue with his spring induced clean up while I stayed inside to do laundry and bake some poppy seed muffins.

I ran out of muffin liners and Mike didn’t want to stay at the cottage the entire day so we went for a quick little trip to town for JUST muffin liners and to drop off our cardboard to the  recycling bin available at the second-hand store.

Where we found a picture frame for 1 euro 🙂🖼

We came back with chicken, pork tenderloin, cheese, fries, batteries, clay and… muffin liners.
It is now proven that even if I go along, I am of zero help when it comes to restraining ourselves in the grocery stores.
Plus, after all that, the dumb muffin liners were to big for the tin so I couldn’t use them anyways🙄

I decided to try to make the remaining batter into a small cake but that turned out to be a fail as the top got too dark and the middle stayed uncooked etc. etc.

Mike was staaaarving so stuffed peppers got heated up for him as fast as I could.
I was full from too much batter licking and then a spoonful or two of the stuffed pepper filling topped me off for awhile.

Mikes evening turned to soccer watching and mine to tv series watching while writing.

He then wanted chocolate fondue fairly badly.
Badly enough to actually prepare the fruit and chocolate himself 😏🍫

I did my wifely duty of helping him… eat 😋
Had a few strawberries in their best form, chocolate covered and then finished off my evening with popcorn.                                                                                                                                                  I should really look into some kind of healthy meal plan… or maybe just buying a weight scale would be a start 😁

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