Rest, Eat, Repeat in Zadar Croatia

Saturday 16th –


Coffees poured, Fiji’s food and water readied, luggage loaded and away we went.

It was around a two-hour drive to the Weeze airport in Germany.
Mom and I tried dozing off and on until we stopped at a bakery to grab some breakfast. 
I waited in the car… To sleepy to bother getting out 😜

The airport was the usual walking, waiting, security, mix of friendly and grouchy airport people and sitting to eat our breads and donuts before the 1.5 hour flight to Croatia.  


I surprised myself by falling asleep pre take off and actually sleeping most of the flight✈️ 
(Of course it’s the short flights my body decides to sleep on and never the lengthy onesπŸ™„)

We landed and had about a 10 minute drive to our apartment.  

Our driver was very nice and informative about what restaurants to eat at and what sights to see πŸ™‚ πŸ΄πŸ—Ί

The apartment is on the roof top of a building located in Zadar. 

Feel Good Zadar Apartment ~

The link will have better photos of the place then anything I would take so check it out (and maybe consider for your own next trip?) 😁

With a fairly modern, open floor plan indoors and a covered patio and jacuzzi surrounded by fake turf outdoors, it was a pleasant place to be πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸŒ€

We sat there briefly before heading out for lunch.   
Walking along the stone lined streets, 


Loving the colors πŸ’šπŸ’™
Speaking momentarily with a talkative artist,


  looking in aw at the blues of the water ,

and eventually getting a table at ‘La Bruschetta’. 
The food was very good and we sat outside to enjoy the sun and view of the water from between the treesπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ½πŸŒŠ  


Fried calamari for dad, rump-steak and gnocchi for Mike, pizza for mom and pistachio pesto pasta for me.

We left there happy and full but gelato was calling our names.  

We chose the place boasting some intense displays but as it turned out, the flavour lacked greatly…   


We decided that the next gelato stop would have to be at a hole in the wall kind of place.

A short walk back to the apartment and everyone found themselves in some sort of napping/ resting state. 

Mom and I fell asleep in the sun until Michiel decided to stupidly awake us with water splashed from the jacuzzi πŸ˜’             
I then moved inside to sleep more.  


Mike found rest on a little chair and I believe mom and dad relaxed for a while before they ventured out to go and watch the sunset.

Mike and I followed after I had officially woken up.

I found a picture of my brothers clone on the walk to the waterside 😳  

The similarity was crazy and a little creepy 😜

Once we met up with mom and dad we were by the ‘water organs’.  

There are pipes that get played as the tide comes in, creating some interesting music to be enjoyed as we watched the sunset. πŸŒ…πŸŒŠ   



There was also a circular arrangement of solar panels there.

As the sun sets and the light fades, the panels light up and create a small show.

We seen them start but didn’t feel like waiting around until it was dark enough for the real show.

Food was required again by that time 😏

‘Pet Bunara’ was another restaurant our driver had suggested and we settled in to eat there.
Starting off with warm, multigrain bread dipped in oil and vinegar. 

Turkey and figs are typical Croatian foods and that’s exactly what I ordered.
Turkey covered in roasted almonds, filled with a fig jelly and it was very tasty.
Dad decided on bass and he said it was good but unfortunately his portion was pretty little…we all shared with him so he wouldn’t fade away though πŸ˜‰
Mike and mom both had rump meat that had been marinated in a wine sauce and served with wine, gravy style sauce over gnocchi.
The sauce was flavourful and everyone was fairly pleased with their choices.


They have a more relaxed dining experience here, in the way that they are a little slow with bringing the drinks and food and they wait a fair while before bringing the bill.
It’s just a slower pace and something we aren’t totally used to.
We also aren’t used to the smoking being allowed everywhere and that has been a little tiresome to be around at times.

Mike had turned on the jacuzzi earlier so by the time we got back it was ready to enjoy.

Four of us in there left little room and almost overflowing water but it was alright 😜
I didn’t stay in long as I didn’t think it was hot enough… I prefer to be near the boiling point when in a ‘hot’ tub πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

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