Hollands Little Venice πŸš€

Thursday 21st –


Mike was working from home since it was our last day at the cottage before mom and dad leave.

We had extra batter from poffertjes the day before so Mom fried some more up for us all πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ» 


I had to finish the paintings I had started the day before as they were going back with mom.

Our morning had been spent leisurely but Mike suggested we head to ‘Giethoorn’ and check out ‘Hollands Little Venice’ since It was a sunny day.

Before driving there though we needed some food to get us through the exploring.
Mike wanted to go to the MooiRivier hotel (owned by one of his family members, right close to our cottage) so that’s where we went.

We had some tasty food and sat outside to try to enjoy the sun… But the reflection off our white table was proving a tad blinding 😜  


I had a mozza, pesto pizza which was very flavourful.
Mom and dad shared a club sandwich and Mike had the burger.

Once we made it to Giethoorn we decided to rent a boat to cruise through the canals and see the town from the water.  


It was an interesting new perspective on exploring 😊

Mom and I seen a pottery shop along the way so dad and Mike held onto the edge of the canal while mom and I hopped out and shopped for a moment πŸ˜‰
She bought a pretty glass oil burner that you can fill with decorations of your choice, a coffee cup and a vase.
I wouldn’t have minded a coffee cup but I’m pretty picky about how the handle fits me πŸ˜‹  


We actually made it through that town without getting anything to eat!

But on the drive back we did have to stop at the cheese truck we had previously bought from so mom could choose some she wanted to take home πŸ§€  

As well as stopping at the produce place by the cottage so she could get some more tea towels😊

Once we were at the cottage again I prepared some pork tenderloin with wine sauce, green beans and rice for our late supper.  


Then we watched ‘The Monuments Men’ (which was fairly good) as a last family movie with popcorn and then called it a night 🍿

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