A Lack Of Brain Stimulation

Tuesday 17th –

Mike was back to work after a long weekend and I was back to daily tasks, post visitors and busyness.

Writing, dishes, fruit preps, laundry and FaceTime with mom took up my day.

Cheese biscuits were made to accompany our supper of soup and due to Mikes dislike of soup yet constant compliments on the taste, It must have been slightly exceptional 😜  Garbage was driven to the bins and then a small joy ride taken in the evenings sunshine.

Wednesday 18th –

I had a very boring day.

Most days I enjoy being alone and doing my own thing at my own pace but some days boredom hits and when it does it hits hard 😜

I still finished up my normal every day things as well as exercising and finding a recipe to bake up my first eggplant but it wasn’t proving to be enough entertainment/brain stimulation 😏

I mixed a few recipes together and just winged it since I’d never made anything with eggplant before but the outcome was very much enjoyed!

Baked and breaded eggplant was served up with fresh pasta and a tomato cheese sauce. 

The evening was spent mostly trying to find something to do but to no avail so we got a snack and watched a movie.

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