Exciting As Soup

Sunday 12th –

Mike and his parents went to church but before they did Mike and Inge made sure I was well stocked with everything a sicko needs 💕 

Lemon and honey, throat candies, mango and grapefruit, water, tissues and meds 😋☕️💊🛌

That was about as exciting as that day got until much later when Mike was back and brought me up some soup 😏

Monday 13th –

Woke up late, feeling a tad better and managed to eat my birthday ‘cake’ of cotton candy before we hit the road and went to Germany again.

We went for a lunch date to the Greek restaurant, enjoying our cheese stuffed peppers, salad, bread and meals containing differently prepared gyros immensely 😁

After said lunch Mike had to go to the bank about possible housing things and I got to try to nap in the car but couldn’t due to being cold and having rain fall on me since Mike had turned the car off with the windows undone 😏

We then went over to Sarah’s house for a moment just to say hi and bye before I left for home the next day.
They had baby chicks at the moment 😄🐤

So little and light it feels like all you are holding is a tweet.

I napped some more back at John and Inges, trying to regain as much health and rest as I could pre flying the next day.
The sickness worked as a good cover story with mom and dad though as I had an excuse why I couldn’t FaceTime or why I wasn’t messaging much 😜

Inge made us all a tasty supper of spaghetti and then in the evening I even drank the tea that’s always offered but always declined by myself.
You know I’m sick and desperate when I drink tea 😏😜

Somehow or another it was decided or said that Fiji’s litter box should be moved from upstairs to a room downstairs.
Mike went to take care of that and the lid wasn’t on as strong as he thought.
He spent the next while vacuuming litter off  two flights of stairs 😏😁🙈

Suitcases had to be repacked a little and sorted to fit in the goodies destined for home and then it was time to call it a night and hope for plenty of sleep and recovery during the hours before flying 😁❤️

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