The Early Bird Gets The Freshest Coffee

Thursday 16th –
Morning came early for me, waking up at 5 and laying there till around 6:30 when I heard Dad upstairs making the coffee 😁☕️

Had a coffee with him, Mom and Josh joined us a few minutes later as he would be going to work with Dad and Nathin.

Mom and I had silence for a while and then the other three girls came out one by one.
(Boys are slightly outnumbered in our family 😋)

I go home and the breakfast food mom had the first real day back was more Dutch than I have when I’m in Holland sometimes 😜

Boiled eggs and toast.
Since I was up so early it felt more like lunch though so that helped 😉

Did some writing and relaxing and then we got ready to go over to Becca’s for a party for Emily’s birthday.

It’s nice to finally see the youngest two after only having pictures the last months 👶🏻👶🏽

We spent the afternoon there getting in some visiting 😊
(Cutting down the time it’ll take come Sunday after church when everyone is considered new and exciting 😋)

It was decided that Chinese food would be brought for supper.
I haven’t had good Chinese food in around 7 months so it was a fine choice for me 😏

Mom and Pro were having some communication issues (for like, 5 minutes😆) about which noodles were which but once that was sorted out the order was placed and bellies waited expectantly for the guys to bring it back😊
We all stuffed ourselves and enjoyed doing so.

The rest of the evening was spent visiting with family, between the children entertaining.

Friday 17th –
Once again awake by 5 I laid there attempting to go back to sleep and failing.

So I went upstairs to enjoy the silence and coffee.
It didn’t last long before I heard Byrnlee in her room so I got her out so she wouldn’t wake up the others 👶🏻
One baby to deal with alone is about enough, but morning is good because at least she snuggles then 😜

I worked on writing and catching up with that while the others all slowly awoke.

Mom, Pro and Becca were going to go for a jog and with a little cajoling I too went along.
The nuisance of a cough was still hanging around so I walked more than jogged but at least I went out I suppose and it gives a good excuse to go slow 😏

Once we were all back from the jog we had to get ready to head to town after checking out a place that was for sale in MacDowall 🏡
It’s a fixer upper and none of us really need it at the moment but the price and location was enough to entice us to just go for a look 😋

From there it was town time and then off to the Nabers 😄💕

Since Josh was still out he wanted to see Justin and the house they are building so we checked that out, left him there to get dirty and hang out with the guys and us girls went for a long overdue visit with Jess and Leah 😊👌🏻

A couple lovely hours were spent there and then we had to get going to make it back to Nathin and Becca’s for supper.                                                                                                                                    Us girls weren’t that hungry since Leah and Jess had stuffed us with a buffet of snacks but we still had room to enjoy some tasty burgers and toppings made by Becca and a salad made by Pro and Mom.
A superman ice cream cake was also enjoyed afterwords, picked out by Em’s grandpa 😋

I was feeling the effects of time change pretty heavily so I got a sleeping pill from mom and hit the hay early 😴💤😁👌🏻

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