Saturdays Are For Souvenirs

Saturday Sept 10th –



We didn’t set an alarm for Saturday and just let the sun coming from the balcony window wake us.

Mike went down and brought back some breakfast for us and then we packed up and headed out.

Deciding to check out the outlet once more since some stores had been closed, Nike offered up some nice deals and then I found an aaaamazing, light colored denim skirt in one other store but they didn’t have my size so I had to leave in a state of sadness πŸ™„

A large grocery store was close by and Mike wanted to stop for some road trip snacks and drinks.
I knew we should have went into a grocery store 😬
The two to three isles of solid pasta and pasta sauce is always funny to see when in Italy.

A heaping basket full and 70€ later we had only one snack for the road and the rest was souvenir food πŸ˜†πŸ™ˆ

We were also near an interesting home decor store so we popped in and came out with our very own Italian lighting fixture! (for the hopefully sooon to be 110% gotten apartment 😁)

Outside of the store there was some promotional thing happening that if you could kicked the soccer ball in the hole you got to keep the ball, Mike couldn’t resist…

We now have a little soccer ball for in the car 😏

Gas up the car, grab some McDonald’s and off we went to explore Cinque Terre for a few hours.
Some may think driving for an extra two and a half hours to go somewhere for only a couple of hours is a little counterproductive, but we figured who knows when we will be that close again so might as well go.
It was a lot of going up and down twisty mountain roads and then venturing further on a few roads that looked rather creepily deserted, hardly ever passing other cars.
We made it there eventually and found a parking spot super close to town, which is a rare thing since the five towns are packed with people and no one can drive into the actual towns so everyone has to park just out of town.                                                                                                  Vehicles may not be passed much on the road but somehow the streets were packed with people!

Montoroso was the first town we walked through, teaming with tourists, restaurants, shops and the sometimes overpowering smell of fish 😁

Mike spotted a ceramic shop with cool little wall plaques you could use to build your own Italian village so we peaked inside and found two little doorways to make their homes with us.

My house will be a welcome place for fairies so they must have their own little doors as well πŸ˜‰

We heard from a few people around that Manarola had the best view of the houses on the hillside for the iconic Cinque Terre photo so we found a train to get on and road around 10 min. over there.

My first illegal train ride πŸ˜†πŸšž We tried to get tickets but couldn’t find where we could get any and on top of that there were hoards of people and many confusing signs, so we didn’t know what train was going where, or when!

So, trusting some other slightly confused, semi english speaking people who said their tickets hadn’t been checked we jumped aboard.
Part of me felt bad and part of me began feeling ‘Mission Impossible’ ish, pathetic of me, I knowπŸ™ˆ

We went, we seen, we left 😜
It’s awful but more often than not I get to a place I’ve dreamed of going, see it and then feel like I’ve seen enough so can continue on all within a matter of minutes.
It was in the +30’s out so that contributed to not wanting to be walking around too, especially when you can stare at the ocean but not actually go in it 😬

It truly was another bucket list item checked off and a fun place to see and explore and I am thankful we had the chance to go, I don’t mean to make it sound like It was lame I’m just trying to explain my twisted thought process when touristing 😬

We trained back to the first town and stopped for gelato on the walk back to the car.
I am SO glad we did 😳
I ate the BEST coconut gelato/ ice cream I have ever had.

The whole thing tasted like sweet, creamy, toasted coconut and it was wonderfulπŸ¦πŸ’™
Also, Mike hates coconut so I didn’t even have to share 😏😜

We left the area of the five towns making up Cinque Terre and headed back towards our planned destination, keeping an eye out for any beaches we could stop at.

During that drive we passed by the most lovely house but I didn’t have a chance to take pictureπŸ˜”  It was minty blue, a small but stately size with a rounded tower attached.
Complete with an iron railed, spiral stair case going down from the gazebo type balcony which was built into the roof of the tower.
It was lovely and I want an Italian beach house πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

We found a beach a few minutes away and I hopefully headed to the waters edge, peering among the rocks to see if there were any shells.
There weren’t πŸ˜”
But there was sea glass, lots to be found but not lots of time for finding since we wanted to start the drive back towards Ivrea.

A pit stop for body fuel was taken and we had dinner at 10:30 pm at a hole in the wall Italian restaurant 😏🍴

Calamari and pizza for Mike, cheese covered, tomato gnocchi for me.
It was all good, nothing mind blowingly fabulous but still tasty 😊

We got to the hotel by midnight and our bodies sore from sitting in the car (and from managing to walk almost 11,000 steps even though the car was where we spent most of our hours) longed for a bed to stretch out on.

But not the bed we got 😬
I could have counted bed springs sticking into me to fall asleep instead of sheep and if not for Mikes height, sleeping in the car would probably have been more comfortable 😜

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