Jobs Fill Your Pocket, Adventures Fill Your Soul

Monday Sept 12th –
Mike left around 8:00 am to see his first customer and I stayed at the hotel to get ready and pack up.

I met him in the lobby around 10:00 and we headed out of France and into Germany, having three hours to drive before getting to his second, and final customer of the trip.

On the way he got tired of driving and decided on a lunch stop at a place he seen from the highway.
No reviews read before hand, no menus looked at, just a good old sit down and order kind of meal 😏
And good it was!

We got small but very tasty cream of broccoli soup as starters and then schnitzel, rice and salad for our mains, as well as chocolate mouse for dessert.
Tell ya one thing, the Germans seem to know how to do food tooπŸ˜‰

We seen a custom Porsche on the drive, a turquoise blue body and rims πŸ˜πŸ’™

I got kicked outta the car.
Mikes LAST business meeting of the trip had to be dealt with and as the weather was terrific (weather which we were blessed with the whole trip) Mike found a picnic table to drop me off at and I spent a short hour painting/sketching/melting in the sun πŸ˜β˜€οΈπŸŽ¨

6 hours of driving were left before we would be back in Doesburg.
Mike wanted to rest a while, which I was fine with and understood but didn’t feel like laying in the itchy grass to sleep or sketch and he was devastated, the weirdo 😏

I said I’d lay in the car, windows down and fully stretched out so he decided he had to move himself to the grass across from the car rather than a couple of feet away in the shade of a tree cause I was to far, he is so odd sometimes 😜
Apple trees were scattered around there so he actually picked some and I tested one.

Sour but alright, I can’t remember the last time I ate an apple whole as I prefer my fruit cut 😁

A Greek restaurant was sat down at after the not very successful ‘rest’ and it was great, as Greek food usually is πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Fried fetta/mozza cheese was our tasty starter and then gyros and other meats our mains, one of my now favourite meats 😊
Time to pay came and with it the announcement they only take cash not card.
We would have had a problem if it wasn’t for me…I kind of stash cash 😬
After looking through my pockets, purse and wallet we just had enough to pay for the meal.
And my stash of cash was depleted πŸ˜”
I just find it fun to save up the coins or bills Mike may leave behind, hand me or I find in our room and then when I want something I can actually say ‘well I saved this soo’😏😜
But before I ever get to say that Mike usually ends up needing cash for something and he now knows where to go for it πŸ™„

After our scarcely payed for meal at ‘The Olive’ it was time to get back to the house.
The car was beginning to feel like a type of prison and the hours started dragging but eventually we made it back around midnight.

Tired but happy and thankful for the opportunity to see more of the world God created and for the perfect weather and safe travels πŸ’™

(And for a soft bed with clean sheets and clean pj’s 😜)

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