Yarn Utilization And Beach Preparation

Thursday Sept 15th –

I began looking for a way to utilize the yarn I had bought in Italy.
The fall colors beckoned me to make a scarf and I sadly but honestly have to admit I was too lazy to learn and read a pattern so I made one up πŸ™ˆ

But I was actually fairly pleased with the finished product(s).
I find more Bonnie in me all the time… why make one scarf and save some to do later when you can make three all at once? 😏😜


I also did some painting, always doing doodles and easy, quick sketches, never enough patience for anything of true precision and realism unless some crazy major inspiration hits😁

I had a fast and reliable delivery service at my disposal πŸ˜‰
So I needed to prepare some notes and goodies to take advantage of it (otherwise known as Dorothy and Savannah heading back to good old Saskatchewan).
To finish up the little goodies I needed a quick trip to town and Mike and I had told Savannah we would take her for one last ice cream so we met up with the ladies in Doesburg.

Ice creams were from the same place as the night before but made by a different server with less than thrilling results πŸ™„

The retrieval of needed items was conquered and by then it was time for us to search out some supper.

Turkish it was.

We rushed back to the house to drop off Savannah, change and get some art stuff before saying our goodbyes to the Canadian visitors.
Mike was taking me to Sarah’s to paint with her while he went to soccer practice.
Soccer was canceled though, so he stayed and we all visited and painted 😏🎨


Friday Sept 16th –

Mike had prepared the coffee for me before he left for work, so all I had to do was turn it on once I got up 😁

I took my morning slow, just how I likeπŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Sipping coffee, writing, watching something and maybe doodling a little too before I had to get started on the tasks awaiting.

The next day was family day at the beach so it was time to try making the puffed wheat square, which you may recall took all too much ingredient gathering time.

The sauce turned out almost exactly the same even though I had to use agave syrup and different marshmallows but the only puffed wheat we could find was a chocolate flavoured, cereal kind and it stayed a lot crunchier in the final result.

It was decent, but not the same ooey-gooey-ness that usually makes it so finger licking (literally) tasty πŸ˜

Sandwiches were next on the ‘to make’ list.
Bacon wrapped chicken was fried, baguettes with garlic butter toasted and a mix of other goodies compiled to keep us fed the next day, sometimes just smelling the ocean seems to make one hungry πŸ˜‹

Inge made us a couple of pancakes for supper and then Mike and I took a short walk to the store before the evening slowly unwound with a little bit of online searching for furniture for our apartment😁

Author: jessicapeters95

Hello humans 😊 This is where you learn about me I suppose, though anyone reading this right now most likely knows all the boring details ;) I am Jessica Rose Peters-Hagenouw. (Always thought I'd be able to pronounce my married name but hey, life doesn't go as we plan.) June 11, 1995, tis the day Robert and Bonnie Peters received the most adorable, amazing, wonderful, surprise 3rd child they could have dreamed of. Speaking of being the third child, I have an older brother and an older sister. Both of whom are married and have wee little families of their own, making 'Aunty Jess' another name I go by. I grew up and have lived all of my years up till November 2015 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Making summers that are extremely short and winters that never end, vast open spaces, northern lights, unthinkable amounts of mosquitoes, lakes, forests and people waving to you on the grid road all different things that mean = Home. But Home is not where I'll be for some time. My husband is a Dutchman, living in Europe. Therefore I too have been living in Europe for the last few months. The reason I started this little blog/journal/writing thing, is to document a bit of my "whole new world," for those at home who wont be awake at 3:00 am wanting to hear about how I couldn't find flour at the grocery store. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into my little life 😊

2 thoughts on “Yarn Utilization And Beach Preparation”

  1. You forgot to thank me for the gene inheritance πŸ˜‚ Sometimes it can be of a beneficial nature. Either you have decided to scarf a giraffe for the winter or there is a lucky recipient or two for your efforts perhaps πŸ€” XO


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