Much Ado About Muffin

Wednesday Sept 21st –



Much sitting, laying, writing and picture sorting for that mornings activities.

Ingredients for banana chocolate chip muffins had been picked up the previous day, so those got baked up.
I don’t like banana as a fruit to just eat plain or in ice cream or most desserts, but give me a banana chocolate chip (heavy on the chocolate chip 😉) muffin and I’d happily live off them for days.
Also, I’m not a big breakfast eater and only a few things don’t upset my stomach first thing in the day and those muffins are on that list👌🏻
A muffin warmed and slathered with butter?
For breakfast, brunch and everything between?
I’m in!

Unfortunately only one muffin tin was at my disposal soo baking any more than a double batch would have taken to much time 🙄

Oh well, fresh is probably best so more shall have to be made 😋

Besides the usual laundry, straightening up etc. I also worked on an idea I’ve been contemplating.
Designing and sketching up some plans more for fun then actual use in the future but you just never know 😁

Thursday Sept 22nd –



Mike was working from home and I’m almost always awake before him anyways so I figured it was my turn to be the nice spouse and warm up some muffins, make coffee and deliver it to our room in the upmost part of the house 😁

I then retreated back down to work on the blog and give him space to work from bed for a while, we then swapped work areas and I settled in to the unpleasant task of hair curling 😋

It’s time consuming so I rarely do it but Mike asked and we were heading to a wedding reception later that afternoon meaning I had the time to do it and it wasn’t something I had to wake up early to accomplish 😁

But still, it mainly just reminded me why I never do it 😜

We got ourselves together and after a quick salad for lunch (no worries we haven’t constricted some kind of obnoxious disease 😜) we began the two hour drive to the reception.

We got there moments before the food was served and our seats saved by dear cousins were still open, so it was a happily timed arrival 😋

It was an Italian appetizer style meal and it was good and a change from the usual!
Mozza filled salad atop thinly sliced chicken, cheesy baked tomatoes, light salads, grilled strips of steak, breads, spreads and more made up our meal and we regained strength which we had previously lost by eating our salad lunch 😝

Typical wedding style the slide shows and speeches followed as did an ice cream buffet and the ever available drink menu.
(Fizzy iced tea, cappuccinos, whipped cream topped hot chocolate, mint tea with actual mint leaves/stems, etc.)
It’s much more restaurant style at the weddings I’ve attended here.
The food is laid out by staff and the same staff are checking on and clearing tables all evening as well as constantly refilling and bringing new drinks.

The evening passed by and time came to light the paper lanterns to send off with the happily married couple 💑


(Don’t forget it’s the last day to enter the Beach Towel Giveaway !)

2 thoughts on “Much Ado About Muffin

  1. Nice post! I don’t like banana’s either as a fruit, better in a cake (with some chocolate drops)
    We were unfortunate we couldn’t attend the wedding. I would have loved to since the groom is one of my friends from church where I went to. I just streamed the sermon (doesn’t feel the same though) I hope you enjoyed it. The food really did sound nice!

    Keep on posting!




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