Title Not Forthcoming

Thursday Sept 29th –

Breakfast was some warmed up to perfection, poppy seed bread ❤️

It’s such a sad thing finding a food to love actually.
It’s something to be enjoyed and dreamt of forever after, always thought of fondly and with a watering mouth, but nothing else even slightly similar will ever be as satisfying!

I wasn’t feeling well and the weather was chilly so it seemed like an appropriate time to stay in bed all day but that didn’t last long.

Sweaters had to be picked up, packed and sent out as well as the giveaway items 😊📦✈️📬

During our quick pop into town we went to the art store and I got a brush marker and an extremely smooth papered notebook, wanting to try some of the oh so popular lettering that’s seen all over right now.

I got to practice (which I need MUCH of) while Mike went to soccer that evening ✍🏻⚽️




Friday Sept 30th –



I’m not usually a big cookie lover but I’d been craving cookies for days and it was time to remedy that problem.

Mike made us coffee and I looked for a recipe that didn’t require a trip to the store because it was too early to have to make myself publicly presentable 😜

Peanut butter cookies were all that could be made and I think it’s the first time I’ve made a single batch of cookies in years 🙈
But they turned out nicely and my cookie desires were fulfilled 😄

After those were made, eaten and cleaned up it was time to began the process of packing.
Which was pretty much pull out all the clothes, refold them and let the process of elimination began 😎🎒

I got a break from that when Mike and I went to go check out a couch, which is the only large ish item we still need for the apartment.
It turned out to be a wasted trip 🙄

Back at the house I had a few moments to recover from car sickness and Mike was a dear and made us supper.

Sarah invited me to go along with her and the girls to IKEA.
It was an enjoyable outing 👭👧🏼👧🏼👧🏼🌭🌭🌭🌭🍦☕️🛍

Once I returned to the house it was back to packing and an attempt at a semi normal bedtime hour in preparation for the early morning departure ahead of us 😬


(Another hard title choosing day, my apologies 😬)

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