Simply Taken Suggestions😏

Monday Nov 21st –

Back at our little abode.

As most my days at home the day began with reading and drawing.

But the drawing took longer than usual since I was feeling shaky from the still present sickness 🙄

The first bracelet order was photographed, packaged and sealed, ready to be sent off to New Zealand.

Wax seals are 😁👌🏻

Check out the bracelet post  Personalized Children’s Bracelets  for details about getting your own bracelet ordered for the wee humans on your Christmas lists 😉👌🏻

After that I was craving sweets and I had the ingredients on hand to try out a cookie recipe suggested to me by my sister.
Turns out I should take her suggestions to heart more often because the cookies turned out deliciously, and I’m not even a real big fan of cookies 😜

I can safely say they will be made again as soon as I can buy skor bits again back in Canada.

Which by the way, is coming up super soon!
The count down is officially on for our trip back to Sask.
It was always on but now it’s close enough to actually count down to and not just guesstimate to make it seem closer 😜
I also had inspiration for a super simple DIY project.

Turning my chia latte container into a pretty holder for my paintbrushes/pens using some gift wrap 😋👌🏻
Mike came back from work and I must mention that I didn’t ask him to buy even one thing…
He came back with 11 or so things, of which only 1 was really needed 😏
And people say woman are the ones who spend too much shopping.

Now, though he does shop a bit too much I have to say he does have a ‘good’ or at least ‘sweet’ reason behind most his purchases.
Chocolates with pecans cause he knows I like pecans, a toy for Fiji because he felt like he was bored, avocados cause they were little ones and he thought I’d think they were cute.. you get the idea 😉




Tuesday Nov 22nd –



The usual occurred post waking up…

Eduardo finally got to washing the outside of our balcony windows 😏

The house got tidied and a spaghetti squash cooked.
It was a large one so I had to cook one half of it at a time… meaning it took around 2 hours of just cooking time, not counting the in between preps, seasonings and scraping it out once it was cooked.
Then breading chicken in corn flakes and waiting for Sarah, Erwin and the girls to arrive😊

I’d promised her I’d have them over to try the squash once we found one since she’d never had one before.

Spaghetti squash, fried chicken and tomato sauce topped with parmesan and basil (as suggested by my sis 😎) turned out pretty tastily.

I think 😋

Afterwords Mike got to enjoy the after eight cream dessert Sarah had made specially for him (spoiled) and Sarah and I got to enjoy warmed up cookies 😉👌🏻🍪

(I see no point in eating cold cookies.)

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