Jet-lagged-Coffee Crazed-Cat Lady

Tuesday Jan 10th –



It had been a sleep of a restless jet-lagged traveler and when I did finally peel myself out of bed it was to go straight to the coffee pot.

(The coffee pot we had forgotten a filter in during our trip back to Sask, creating the extremely creepy effect of mold 😬 But we had noticed that on Monday and had ample time to clean and run vinegar through it so it wasn’t that mornings greeting thankfully)

Sheets needed washing, dishes doing, perishable items put away and unpacking could have happened, but I let it slide since I was more in the ‘sit on the couch and do nothing’ mood thanks to lack of sleep and goodbyes 😏

Mike had to jump right back into the daily grind and work from the office πŸ˜¬πŸ’»πŸ’Ά

Frozen pizza was supper, upgraded with bacon, pineapple and more cheese and a smoothie made with the leftover pineapple.



Mike said we should be more healthy… he also said he was giving up pop 😏
We will see how long that lasts 😜




Wednesday Jan 11th –



More sleeplessness 😡

I tossed and turned most of the night, finally getting a restful sleep when the sun came up and deciding to stay there and catch up on the hours lost during the night.

Despite Mikes multiple attempts to wake me upπŸ™„

Leave a girl to sleep in peace!
In his defence he did deliver a cup of coffee and a stroopwafel on one of his wake up attempts but I was too asleep to notice πŸ˜β˜•

Once I did awake I had to get ready so we could go retrieve Fiji 😁🐈

He came meowing up to us and we liked to pretend he missed us, though we know better since he could probably sense that we were taking him away from his freedom yet again 😜

As I carried him down the hall to our apartment door he spotted the rug outside of ours and pushed to go down.
So I let him, knowing 8 floors up in a closed hall there wasn’t many places he could go.
But he ran quickly to our doorway and scratched at the door impatiently.
Perhaps he likes the house life more than we thought? πŸ€”

The rest of that afternoon was spent washing his dishes/litter box and setting up his little space in the bathroom once again 🐈🍢

It was nice to have him back and his purring and pushing was a pleasant welcome πŸ’•


But Rolo, you too are now missed πŸ˜‰πŸ’•




(I know I sound like some dumb cat lady who cares about animals too much, leave me be 😏😜)


Supper was burgers, fries with sour cream dip and leftover smoothie.

Nothing too exciting but it’s hard to want to put effort into making something super nice for only two people πŸ™„

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