Knowing A Lot And Nothing At All

Wednesday Jan 18th –

We decided to call a realtor to come check out the apartment and tell us a little bit about what options we had available and in doing so, hopefully figure out some steps to take in our upcoming future 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🏢 🤷🏻‍♀️

We were told the possibilities are to put it for sale now or later, or rent it out once we move out.
It was a fairly long chat and much was discussed and learnt and we booked two more realtors to look at the apartment the next day so we could find the best package.

We really don’t have too much of a plan in place.

We know we go to Canada for a visit in April since Mike found more than amazing deals back on cyber Monday.

We know our plan to move to Canada seems like it may happen sooner rather than later since nothing is really holding us now.

We know there is no real rush, but we also want a bit of a game plan.

Lastly, we know paperwork takes awhile and though ours is mailed in and being assessed, there is no telling how long it will take.

So we know a lot but also not really anything at all 🙃
If anyone has any wise words of wisdom, let us know 😜

Later on Mike had to go pick up the phone he was buying and also mail off his work one.

I stayed back and created supper using gyros meat we had frozen.
I wanted to try a slight recreation of the tomato and cheese gyros dishes we had eaten at restaurants a few times, so I whipped up a sauce and popped it in the oven to bake while waiting for Mike to return.

It actually turned out pretty decently!

Later that evening as we watched ‘Victoria’, Mike suggested we eat the ‘cronuts’ he had purchased

Croissant like donuts… and they were surprisingly rather delicious 😋👌🏻🍩




Thursday Jan 19th –



Up and ready for more realtor talk, coffee sipping and decision making ☕️🏢🤔

All three realtors said the apartment looked really good, the colors and decorations were nice and fresh and nothing would need changing before it was put up for sale.

So that was a nice thing for me too hear, especially since my style is (obviously) not the typical Dutch coloring and decor.

Once we were finished with appointments we went to Arnhem to check out the sales.

I am in desperate need of denim skirts.
I’m pretty much down to one I’ve had since I was 16 and it’s getting bagged out beyond public presentation.

If anyone has some recommendable places to order denim skirts from, PLEASE comment!
I can have them ordered to the States since my sister lives there, or Canada, or Europe… so that whole shipping thing isn’t really a huge issue.
But finding a trustworthy site with decent pricing/returns is proving to be troublesome.

But Mike had no trouble finding two new pairs of pants and a sweater.
He found more too, but it just wasn’t ‘really’ needed at this time so he left it 😏

I wish 😜

Almost forgot, I did find a rather cute ‘Little Mermaid’ necklace though  😉🐚

We had some fries with peanut sauté sauce and mayo to keep up the shopping energy and then continued on, quickly walking the chilly streets in search of any interesting store windows to lure us in.

Then to get groceries and go back to the apartment to concoct some kind of supper.
But Inge saved me from the task by inviting us over to eat some tasty noodles and meatballs covered with a tomato and cheese sauce👌🏻🍝

Once back at our place, Oma and Opa came by to retrieve his tools, have some coffee and chit-chat, as well as watch a few minutes of Planet Earth 2 😋☕️🔩🐅

And that about finished off our day 🙂

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