Cleaning Up Our Image

Friday Jan 20th –




We had an appointment at the gym close to our place that morning 😏
It was nearer then we thought even, and if we do end up attending it, we should technically walk there as our ‘warm up’Β rather than take the car the half-minute drive away 😜

We went and talked with one of the gym employees, filled out a form about our activities or lack there of, our goals and expectations etc. etc. and booked an official first try out for February 😜
Far away I know, but my friend would be coming soon, leaving no time for the beginning of our healthy lifestyle 😏

Afterwords we quickly drove to a hardware store to look for some new reed-ish fencing to recover our balcony with.
A photographer would be coming on Wednesday to take pictures of the apartment so we wanted to clean up the image πŸ˜‹

I was dropped off at the apartment so I could have some alone time, (something that has been scarce with Mike not working 😜) blog and begin making muffins while Mike went out to get a few things.

Blueberry muffins were made using wild blueberries brought back with us from Sask πŸ’™

He chose a lovely little bouquet of flowers to refresh the others we had, 4€ making it an easy fixπŸ˜‰


Loempias for a snack, a new fruit for us to try out and a pomelo and strawberries to bring our fruit intake back up in case we didn’t like the new thing 😜

He and his brother were going to buy a car that evening since we would soon be retiring the Audi back to his old company πŸ˜”
Not every change can be a good one πŸ˜‰

The boys needed food so I made some egg sandwiches for them to eat on the road and I appeased my hunger with too many muffins😬





Saturday Jan 21st –


Mike left at a decent time that morning and headed over to Opa’s so he could cut the reed fencing to the proper size for hanging it along our balcony.
Before :Β 



He then installed it and our balcony finally got the cleaning it was supposed to get since we moved in 😬😜

Some cauliflower and bacon soup was thrown together and ate for our lunch and then our oldest niece, Lisanne came by for the afternoon.

She and Mike went out to buy a cat brush for Fiji and I began making more muffins.
My friend from back home was coming to visit us for a few weeks at the start of the next week so I was attempting to clean out and restock the freezer and muffins do that well πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Mike and Lisanne occupied themselves by watching a soccer game together and I made some pre seasoned ribs for supper, along with citrus cucumber salad and garlic bread.

Some muffins were tested afterwords and as the evening progressed Mike suggested popcorn for Lisanne and I… he doesn’t even like popcorn but he seems to have some weird fascination with the popcorn maker 😏😜

Lisanne was happily eating her popcorn, humming and obviously in her own little world and then Mike looked at me and said, ‘Just in her own world… she’ll stop humming in a couple years.’

Gosh, thanks Uncle Mike for that really uplifting statement about her future :p

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