Be Our Guest!

Sunday Jan 22nd –




Church was a little different then usual for me since the translating wasn’t available.
I made do by reading a message on my phone and trying my best to focus on that and not the noise of German being spoke around me πŸ˜‹

Once we were back in Velp we quickly stopped at the grocery store for a few things, since I’d kind of forgotten until late the night before, that when you have guests over you should probably also have dessert 😜

Mikes cousins were our guests for the afternoon and lunch was my typical Sunday fare if we eat at the apartment, taco salad.

I’d managed to whip up a Lazy Cheesecake for something sweet and we enjoyed that, and our company until late that afternoon.

I spent some time working on my lettering later that evening and then chatted with mother and father for a few moments before calling it a day.




Monday Jan 23rd –


Mike left soon after he woke up, to go buy winter tires for the car we’d bought.

I stayed back and wrote a list for national handwriting day and worked on some blog posts and photos before really starting my day and preparing the apartment for our guest 😁



The place got a thorough dusting, washing, vacuuming and mopping.
Laundry caught all the way up.
Fridge cleaned out.
Guest room prepared.




Meals thought about.
Litter cleaned and garbage emptied.
Etc. Etc. 😏

My life is soo thrilling 😜

Supper was pre seasoned Thai chicken and it was fine but we won’t be desiring it again… I think it had cilantro and I do not like cilantro😏
Along with the chicken was garlic toast, rice and eggplant baked with tomato and cheese.

The eggplant was tasty 😊

Our evening was as most are… chill and filled with bits of nothing really, before hitting the hay and awaiting the morning which would bring Zoe to me 😁😜

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