Felines Aren’t Meant For Flying

Wednesday Feb 15th –

Michiel has taken second hand cars on as his pass time and much of his Wednesday was spent buying cleaning supplies, cleaning, getting papers, speaking to buyers etc.

I had an idea to try creating a little something for the nieces and nephew for a going away gift once Mike and I move, so I began that after the creating juice was drank (coffee, obviously).
I Continued to work on it for most of the day, taking a short cheese and cracker break to keep the energy up.

For now it’s a surprise project, but if anyone has good ideas to give young kids when you move away, (preferably Canada themed) please let me know!

I needed a stretch from sitting so long in my favourite ‘awful for the knees’ postion of having my legs bent underneath me.
So I decided to get up and go through a dresser to get a head start on some of the sorting that will need doing come ‘the move’.
Stuff got shifted around, things were thrown out and others moved to the ‘to give away’ piles.
It felt good to clean out some things but it also made me realize that we don’t actually have all that much to get rid of 😜

After that I had to get the house tidied and biscuits mixed to go with the soup we were having for supper with John and Inge.

Mike always seems so surprised that the soups I make have flavour… so much for having faith in my cooking skills by now 😏😜
It was fairly good though, if I’m allowed to say that, but I’m mostly saying it because I love barley 😁🍡πŸ₯„

Inge brought us some grape juice much like the one we’ve been buying and we love it πŸ’œ

If you’re in Holland/near… I suggest trying that brand 😊

Thursdays Feb 16th –

In 1950 on this day Cinderella was released in theatres, I decided to use that as inspiration for a simple watercolor.

Mike came back to the house after doing some car stuff and requested I make burgers for supper before he left for Arnhem to do some returns and exchanges.

Being the humble, obedient and complacent wife I am, I made burgers 😜
Not at all because I didn’t have any other supper plans 😏

I actually really dislike making burgers.
It’s one of the few foods you can’t taste test while making πŸ™„

But I did, using a meat loaf recipe to go by to see where that go me.

I also concocted a little burger sauce to go with since we lacked any great burger toppings.

Sides were sliced up and prepared to go with supper and then I finished up some writing, photo editing and research about cat travel.

I would love to bring Fiji with us when we go to Canada, but it’s looking less and less possibleπŸ˜”
At first it looked like a simple 50$ fee for a rabies shot and a possible 50$ fee or so for the ‘in plane’ baggage cost.
But the more we look, the more costs appear.
Because we aren’t flying with the same airlines, after each layover we’d have to pay the baggage fees twice, as well as a health certificate cost, vet visit fee, sleep/relaxant medication fees… you’re getting the idea πŸ˜•

It’s seeming like my best little buddy since day one in Holland, won’t be continuing the adventure with us πŸ˜£πŸ’”

Sad thoughts aside, supper was prepared and enjoyed.

Topping the burger with melted Swiss cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, bacon and burger sauce, it may have been one of the better burger nights at our place πŸ”

Mike had to go sell a car after dinner 😏

I occupied myself with cleaning, list making and cat entertaining.



Life is sure to become more interesting in the upcoming weeks so bear with me πŸ˜‰

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