Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest!

Wednesday May 24th –

Mom made up a tasty, open faced egg sandwich with cheese and a new basil pesto sauce we had gotten at Costco.

It was really good and I think the pesto sauce will be a good accompanier for much 😁👌🏻

Mom had to go to town and I had to straighten up the basement, moving some of Mike and my boxes and items, to make sure they were safe from the soon arriving munchkins.

A pot of soup was then made to have on hand as well and after that, a big container of juice 😊

I still haven’t done much for green juices, which I probably should since those are the actually healthy ones 😜
Pineapple, lime, apple and mint is my favourite fruit combination thus far and everyone else agrees.

Becca and her (now truckload of) offspring came over to visit for a while, sipping some juice, chatting and trying to wake up the baby, which is more of a task then one would expect😋

Mike returned late that evening and we had a supper of pulled pork, rice and broccoli prepared by Mother and focaccia bread that had been bought in Saskatoon 😊🍴

Thursday May 25th –

‘Be our guest, be our guest!’ well… Moms guest, but still 😉

T’was the day my fair sister and her children would arrive but first, things had to be readied.

Before we could begin preparations though, I made a Sommerset Rice Bowl for the three of us for breakfast.

Then the house was cleaned from top to bottom, Mom made fresh bread and cinnamon buns and when Mike and I went to retrieve the fam from the airport, I asked Alaina what she thought Grams had made and her eyes lit up as her immediate response was, ‘fresh bread?!’…
A five year old shouldn’t know to expect that

Before we got them from the airport though, we had went to Lowes to see if they had anything we could use for the house.

(What can’t we use right? 🙄)

We priced out some vanity tops and I found a pretty lightbulb to use in the cement fixture Mike had made and by then we had to go to the airport.

We arrived home late and hit the hay, the house slowly filling more and more 😋

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